Monday, 30 December 2013

JOEY MOLLAND: Danish Review (translated)

Excessive pop rock from a bad finger

If we are to be honest , it's probably not many people who today remembers British Badfinger , who published a couple of excellent albums on The Beatles' Apple company at the beginning of the seventies. This signature has been achieved at a certain joy of his old vinyl copy of the debut album Magic Christian Music from '70 and was not slow to put ticket into this new album from the group's old frontman when landing on the editorial board .

And there's something a bit cheap and maybe not so tasteful addition to the cover for Return to Memphis, however, there is not many fingers to put in the closet musician here on the 66-year-old veterans fourth album under his own name .

We speak firmly and securely pophåndværk in simple delivery; plate is the fruit of Molland's love for the historic Royal Studios in Memphis, Tennesse and four Memphis musicians (and an equal number of chorus girls ) follows the fine carvings as All I Ever Dreamed , Hero and Walk Out in the Rain through. Habilt crafts, which also hit the stores, while the old Badfinger number Baby Blue enjoying new success as part of the soundtrack for the TV series Breaking Bad.


This Way Up
CD - £9.99

Return To Memphis
SCD - £9.99

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