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Supertramp & Various Artists



Music direction : Beat / Prog 

Release date : 30.06.2017 (1971) 


Total playing time: 55:18

The artist statement which gives the impression that you've got to do it with a new (old) Supertramp album is simply misnomer. Extreme is the soundtrack to a 1971 published documentary, have contributed to the Supertramp three of 13 titles. The soundtrack has now been re-released as a bonus DVD together with the first film on DVD (81:02 min). The booklet contains a multi-page current interview with the filmmaker Tony Klinger.

Let's first take a closer look at the film: In

1971, Tony Klinger and Michael Lytton shot the documentary Extreme, who portrays the London scene at the beginning of the 1970s. The shooting work is described as difficult and sometimes dangerous in the booklet. There are no scheduled or planned scenes. Klinger and Lytton go on the scene, filming what they see and conducting spontaneous interviews.

It goes to the drug scene, the Isle of Wight, the Hells Angels, the gay scene and the night streets of London. The interviews take place in the last three areas and in the drug scene. Long passages, however, occur completely without words. There are pictures. This is followed by the songs of the soundtrack. This is 100% for the Isle of Wight, but also for large part of the drug scene chapter.

For someone without super-English skills, the most is probably very difficult to understand. The London slang often recorded under unfavorable conditions, is not a usual challenge for people who are not accustomed to handling the microphone. The first interview partner I fully understood was a Dutchman who has learned English as a foreign language.

The same applies to the many night shots from London, where you often have to guess what is there to see.

What is interesting, however, is what is transported in terms of content. Because here is no praise to the Flower Power time thrown. Klinger and Lytton show the flip side of great freedom. The violence for which the Hells Angels stand, we hardly see. It is probably in what is said. And also the drug pictures are anything else a "legalize it!" - plea. We see crashed people in rancid rooms that bluntly build their bags, put in syringes or boil up the fabric. On the other hand, Christiane F is a regular advertising film for the drug scene.

Also the pictures of the Isle of Wight seem rather torn and lost. The young people sit more or less apathetically on the beach, which seems rather littered or go slowly through the scene. Pleasure of life! And the naked bystanders who are often shown head-forward look so sober that since no piece Adult's inside.

Only in the last chapter is there some joy. Only dances and jumps the mass in shallow water, so that you can almost assume that there probably a band that you never see, playing in the background. Then the camera captures the dance of a naked woman, jumping her breasts and circling the pop baking. Previously, the effect of such images was generally limited by very short settings and fast cuts.

Four bands deliver the soundtrack. Arc (4 tracks) alternate between discreet Folk Prog ( "An Er ago" ), an unruly beat ( "I'm a perfectly happy man" ), and numbers that recall The Who in their harsher moments.

Crucible (4 pieces) are most strongly rooted in the beat. In "Hit it" they also blink in the direction of Who. From the frame "Elvish Queen" , a fairy tale to the acoustic guitar.

Mark McCain (2 pieces) comes with the acoustic guitar between songwriter and blues.

Supertramp are there with three pieces of their debut album, which in times lists as Supertramp , sometimes asSurely . From what from Supertramp on Crime of the Century to be, here's nothing to hear, even if the very quiet "Am I not like other Birds of Prey" already shows clear tendency to Prog. "Words unspoken" , on the other hand, is still almost pure beat music, wonderfully melodic with a mad driving guitar.

Conclusion: The package is actually only to the one who is interested in the documentation. And because - because of the above-described weaknesses also only for special specialists.
The music does not hurt, is not really bad, but nothing you have to know. Even supertrampSpecialists should consider a purchase well, as there is no exclusive material.



1 Arc - An Er ago 4:30
2 Arc - Great Warehouse Street 3:58
3 Crucible - Box Man 4:01
4 Mark McCain - Black Rose 3:07
5 Mark McCain - Refrigerated Warmth 2:15
6 Arc - Let Your Love Run Through 4:56
7 Crucible - Hit it 3:58
8th Supertramp - Surely 3:11
9 Supertramp - I do not like other Birds of Prey 5:16
10 Arc - I 'm a perfectly happy man 5:58
11 Supertramp - Words unspoken 4:01
12 Crucible - Elvish Queen 6:25
13 Crucible - We gotta watch out 3:41

CD/DVD - £9.99

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