Friday, 24 November 2017


Wow, we’re on fire! MPs are dashing to defend themselves and reassure the public -- but it’s not enough until the vote’s overturned! Let’s overwhelm them with our rush to defend the animals -- sign now!
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Animals can’t feel pain -- that’s what MPs just voted, scrapping key animal protections. But it’s not too late to stop their heartless vote! Join the urgent call for the House of Lords to overturn this outrage and share everywhere you can. Sign with one click!
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Dear friends across Britain,

MPs just voted that animals can't feel emotions or pain. It's our government at its most cruel and heartless -- but a massive outcry from the public can overturn this outrage.

EU law protects animal welfare, but as we fumble towards Brexit Britain, MPs just voted to remove this vital safeguard, reducing animals to deaf and dumb creatures that exist purely for our benefit.

The vote narrowly passed in parliament and will go to the Lords -- that’s our chance. If we can create a massive outcry from right across the country, we can give the Lords the backing they need to reject this heartless amendment. Add your name, with one click, and tell everyone:

Lords: Stop the Heartless Animal Vote!

To the House of Lords:

"As citizens across Britain, we are horrified by the parliamentary vote that animals aren’t sentient beings. The vote strips animals of the rights they had under EU law -- and so we urge you to amend the EU Withdrawal Bill when it comes to the House of Lords."

Lords: Stop the Heartless Animal Vote!

Wagging tails, excited little lambs, cats that nuzzle your arm -- it’s obvious to everyone that animals have feelings and are aware of their surroundings. It’s been proven in over 2,500 scientific studies.

There can only be one reason to deny animal sentience, and that’s to exploit them. Strip away that recognition and there’s no reason to worry about animal testing, barbaric hunting games, and gruesome slaughterhouses. But we won’t have it.

When this bill arrives at the Lords, let’s make sure they have the backing they need to overturn this outrage -- we need to make it massive! Let’s show our government want compassion and humanity looks like -- sign now with one click!

Lords: Stop the Heartless Animal Vote!
There are many beliefs that unite our community across the world, but surely one of the most beautiful is the understanding that we don’t own or rule the planet -- we share it with every other being. It’s why time and again we’ve risen to the challenge of defending animals around the world. Let’s make sure this time isn’t any different.

With hope and determination,

Mike, Alex, Antonia, Bert and the whole team at Avaaz

More information:

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