Sunday, 15 April 2018

On The Track (of Unknown Animals) Ep. 90 (Mystery sharks, a mystery fish, Common Moor Carcass etc)

Here we have the ninth episode of the relaunched webTV show by the Centre for Fortean Zoology, written and presented by Jon Downes and Charlotte Phillipson, their families and other animals. This episode contains: • A shadowy figure in the snow • The CFZ Poster Boy from 2007 grows up • Greg goes to Hong Kong • The mystery of Tadpole Pond • A Hong Kong paradise fish? • The druid gives us Oriental weather loach • The search for Gambusia • Mystery great white sharks • A great white shark in Plymouth? • Retrieving trail cameras • Have we solved the mystery of the Common Moor carcass? • PRODUCT PLACEMENT - Weird Weekend North 2018 - Mr Biffo and Digitiser TV - Mr Loxodonta has a record out • Watcher of the skies • New and rediscovered: New genus of Chinese freshwater crab • New and rediscovered: Two new Mexican snakes • New and rediscovered: Large new knifefish • New and rediscovered: New rat-like rodent • New and rediscovered: Rediscovered bat • New and rediscovered: New Thai spitting cobra • New and rediscovered: New lizard • New fiddler crab with enormous range • Fair use • Coming next month • The Patreon campaign • Archie sings the Beach Boys • The team says goodbye until next month You can support us, and help us make this show ever more bigger and better at our Patreon page:

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