Friday, 28 December 2018

On The Track (of Unknown Animals) Ep. 98 (Festive issue, marine men, mystery rhinos etc)

Here we have the seventeenth episode of the relaunched webTV show by the Centre for Fortean Zoology, written and presented by Jon Downes and Charlotte Phillipson, their families and other animals. This episode contains: • A brief note of explanation • Wally the Comedy Rhinoceros • Rudolph the red nosed Saola • Those mystery seamen again • Freeman goes all Lovecraftian • Mystery rhinos • The large tortoiseshell • Corinna is cross with Wally • So is Bob Dylan (probably) • Gerald Durrell's mystery goldfish • Charlotte investigates • PRODUCT PLACEMENT - Animals & Men - Lars Thomas' new book - Jon's new novel • Watcher of the skies • New and rediscovered: New frog • New and rediscovered: New geckos • New and rediscovered: New cobra • New and rediscovered: New caecilian • New and rediscovered: New annual killifish • New and rediscovered: New catfish • New and rediscovered: New titi monkey • New and rediscovered: New siren • New and rediscovered: Rediscovered skink • Fair use • Coming next month • The Patreon campaign • The team says goodbye until next month

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