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Sunday, 22 September 2013


"Blodwyn Pig" is a legendary British blues rock band. After guitarist Mick Abrahams in 1969, after their debut album "This Was" the progressive rock band singer Ian Anderson "Jethro Tull" left, he founded "Blodwyn Pig" on. The other band members are Jack Lancaster (sax, flute and piano), Andy Pyle (bass) and Ron Berg (drums). Guitarist Peter Banks ("Yes", "flash") replaces later Abraham when he temporarily forms a band. The duo Abraham and Lancaster takes "Blodwyn Pig" two albums. In 1969 "Ahead Rings Out" in 1970 and "Getting To This". The style of the band's first rock and blues can be in the British scene compared to other groups as "The Yardbirds", "Free" and possibly "Led Zeppelin". Saxophonist and singer Lancaster sometimes plays simultaneously on two saxophones, like his idol American jazz multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Lancaster later works also as a producer and Pyle plays in "Savoy Brown". The group is split several times, and also some reunions, but always with the duo Abraham and Lancaster as core. "Jethro Tull's" drummer Clive Bunker temporarily joins the group. "Blodwyn Pig" brings in the 90s, two albums under the group name from ditto. In 1993, "Lies" and in 1996 "Pig-in-the-Middle". Many other artists have songs of the retreaded tire. Joey Ramone covert "See My Way". While rock festival on the Isle of Wight, the group performed alongside "Led Zeppelin", "The Who", "Procul Harem", BB King, Miles Davis, Janis Joplin, "Pink Floyd" and Joe Cocker. The band toured extensively in the USA two times.

This album is an anthology, a collection of rare and unreleased tracks of remastered tracks from some hits like "See My Way", "Dear Jill" and "Drive Me". The older songs and rarities collected with great effort and edited in the respective studios of Abraham in Bedfordshire and Lancaster in Los Angeles. The live recordings are taken from their 1974 tour, a show at the Marquee Club in London and from BBC radio recordings during shows of John Peel. Six shots is recording year unknown. 1 "See My Way" [(MA) is a number that links you directly to the roots with "Jethro Tull". Via Lancaster The song is a peculiar mix of angular blues riffs, bold progressive pieces with rhythm changes and a catchy melody] - 2 "Baby Girl" [(MA) One of two live recording of a BBC radio program during the John Peel show, Lancaster and his two saxophones and Mick Abrahams in overdub play the piano] - 3 "Dear Jill" [(MA) A remastered hit song that was used by filmmaker and producer Cameron Crow, in the movie "Almost Famous". The song with Lancaster as a violinist, sounds like "Fleetwood Mac" in country style] - 4 "Monkinit" [(JL) is a tribute to the jazz musician Thelonious Monk (1917-1982). It's an instrumental song with a mix of rock and jazzy grooves. Lancaster plays the piano] - 5 "Drive Me" [(MA) Another find ... It has been unable to find out where this groovy song recorded] - 6 "The Change Song" [(MA) Is in terms of genre and style a 'other' song. It is a live recording from 1969, included in the "Marquee Club" Soho, UK] - 7 "Cosmogification" [(JL) Is another live recording with handsome psychedelic fusion rock and jazz, with Lancaster and his two saxophones at the ready and Clive Bunker on drums (because Ron Berg was sick)] - 8 "Same Old Story" [(MA) a rock song with the typical jazz influences, we also know from progressive rock groups like the British "Colosseum Band"] - 9 "Sly Bones" [(MA) is a quiet country track with lots of bluesy slide guitar] - 10 "It's Only Love" [(MA)] - 11 "Stormy Monday" [A cover of a song by T. Bone Walker / The only bluesy track the historical terraced closing, is a real relief valve and with class].

"Pigthology" for fans of progressive rock the missing link to their wardrobe with reminders to complete and also because bootlegs can not compensate for everything. The duo Abrahams / Lancaster has put a lot of time in their successful quest. It is now up to us to discover this unknown and / or mastered songs so that this musical period in our brain can be archived ...

Eric Schuurmans

CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

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