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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Steve Hackett: The song’s the thing

Steve Hackett
It was 16 years between GenesisRevisited albums for Steve Hackett, yet without pressing the progressive guitar great, he admits to an ulterior motive for releasing Volume II last year.
“The desire to want to do it live, to be honest,” he said. “I did the album as an excuse, which turned out as a great sounding album. The amount of guest performers we had on it transformed what was once a group into basically an orchestra’s worth of guest appearances. So I was very pleased with the way the album turned out. It was far stronger than I’d hoped it was going to be.”
Reproducing the classics from his run with the group from 1970-77, Genesis Revisited II does give Hackett his wish to get back on the road (he and his band play the Best Buy Theater in New York City on Wednesday), but at the same time it gives the fans fresh sounding versions of the songs they love while allowing the Londoner a chance to play perfectionist.
Spectral Mornings
DVD - £9.99

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