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Monday, 23 September 2013

French Canadian Judy Dyble review (Translated)

JUDY DYBLE - Flow and Change - Gonzo Multimedia 2013

Richard Hawey

I really like the taste to start this column like I did it a few months ago. Who is Judy Dyble? Normally you need to know now. She had left the music world in the early 70s in 2009 "Talking with Strangers", reissued in 2013 by Gonzo Multimedia. With "Flow and Change" this lady folk recurrence with this new album. For this album, Judy DYBLE is surrounded by a handful of seasoned musicians, as she had done on his previous album. Alistair found MURPHY, composer and musician who had contributed significantly to "Talking with Strangers". We find here a co-author of almost all the songs of "Flow and Change" Other contributor Simon HOUSE, a living legend who played violin with Hawkwind and High Tide and participated in an album crowd. He wrote the music first and the beautiful song from the album, "Black Dog Dreams." Jennie REGAN, singer of All About Eve, also co-wrote a song, the beautiful "Head Full of Stars."

Judy DYBLE offers in "Flow and Change" ten songs and borrows calm meditation, enhanced romance and melancholy. All demonstrated a consistency in style, "Black Dog Dreams" and "Head Full of Stars" leaving the rest of the pieces that move decisively in an atmosphere of sweet innocence, with the voice of angel Judy DYBLE covering the whole of a very obvious grace.

For those who have listened to "Talking with Strangers" and discovered the beautiful voice of Judy DYBLE, you can find the beauty and tranquility, "Flow and Change" walks the listener on a slow stream lined notes light until the final twelve minutes "The Sisterhood of Ruralists" filled with air and melodramatic violins. A perfect second part to the recent work of Judy DYBLE that is in no doubt delight fans of folk pure wool.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

1. Black Dog Dreams (3.39)
2. Featherdancing (4.15)
3. Beautiful Child (3.12)
4. Crowbaby (5.44)
5. Driftaway (3.27)
6. Head Full of Stars (4.14)
7. Silence (3.53)
8. Letters (5.54)
9. Wintersong (4.01)
10. The Sisterhood of Ruralists (11.45)

Judy Dyble - Vocals
Alistair Murphy - Piano / Guitars / Keyboards / Dulcimer
Mike Mooney - Lap Steel Guitar
Pat Mastelotto - Drums / Percussion
Matt Malley - Vocals
Julianne Regan-Vocals / Keyboards / Percussion
Pete Vicary - Keyboards / Synthesizers
Dean Frances Hawksley - Acoustic Guitar
Andie Suttie - Keyboards
Mark Fletcher - Bass
Jeremy Salmon - Guitars
Jenny Thomas - French Horn
Phil Toms - String Arrangements / Double Bass
Steve Bingham - Violin
Sam Jones - Oboe
Liz Worth - Clarinet
Brenda Stewart - Viola
Naomi Buchanan-Toms - Flute
Lucy Mitchell - Cello

Flow and Change
CD - £9.99

Talking With Strangers
CD - £9.99

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