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CD to Hard Rock released in 2013 under the label Glass Onyon

Have you ever wondered what could result from crossing a veteran hard rock and two Finnish philosophers? If this crazy idea one day you crossed your mind, you hold the answer with this album: it would come out a rock opera dealing with ethical issues related to genetic manipulation, a "crossover between academic research and rock music" of words even three designers. 

Philosophers are Matti Häyry and Tuija Takala which they cease to ask metaphysical questions, incidentally fumble guitar and push the song. The veteran is Laurence "Corky" Laing who tortured a whole generation of drums and cymbals from the 70s. The three men are accompanied by a host of musicians (mostly guitar and vocals) grouped under the collective "The Perfect Child"."Playing God" contains 25 tracks. Besides the fact that it would be indigestible to make a detailed analysis of one track, it would be even more useless than the album covers as a single entity that can be enjoyed as such. Few titles stand out to stand on their own, the pleasure is to listen verbatim disk. because there will be fun for all those who greedily sucked in the hard rock of the 70s. 

The music is full of heavy riffs, thick vocals, choirs kitsch, but also melancholy ballads and gorgeous arpeggios. The humor and derision alongside moments of emotion, leaving the listener with a final bittersweet at the bottom of the ears. This is the intersection of "Welcome To My Nightmare" 's Alice Cooper , from "Phantom Of The Paradise" by Paul Williams and "Jesus Christ Superstar". It is believed to recognize multiple influences, Marylin Monroe to David Bowie , to the Who , the Sparks , Sabbath Black , Deep Purple andKiss . "Playing God" is not reserved only for fans of hard rock. It is also highly recommended for those who love fantasy, pastiches, musicals or their alter egomuscular, the rock operas, and who yearn 70s. To all those, Corky Laing & The Perfect Child make a very nice gift. Chronicle written by Corto1809 on 14.09.2013 

Playing God
CD - £9.99

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