Sunday, 16 February 2014


Support Farplace Animal Rescue against a vindictive hate campaign

Support Farplace Animal Rescue against a vindictive hate campaign

Turn your signature into dozens more by sharing this petition and recruiting people you know to sign. 

 Farplace Animal Rescue has been the subject of a bitter hate campaign for several months now waged by a few bitter ex staff and volunteers and their friends.  This personal vendetta has seen a hate page created on Facebook and on Twitter, current staff and volunteers harassed, a hate call to the sanctuary, donors harassed and every possible public body receive malicious calls to attend.  Police and solicitors are involved for harassment and libel.
 The sanctuary has paid for a 2nd full vet inspection which was glowing.  It has held an open day with a mixture of old supporters and those who were not known to the sanctuary before, all of whom were glowing about the experience.  It has shown the local press around, who have written a glowing article about the rescue.
 Farplace helps animals rejected elsewhere like cats who are FIV+ in its expanded cat hospice (part of which is pictured here).  Farplace will not be able to help as many animals this year due to this campaign of hate.  Show your support for Farplace and the vision to help the most difficult of animals by signing your support here.

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