Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Ex-Yes Singer Jon Anderson: Fond Memories of Houston's "Space Dome"

Photo by Deborah Anderson

When Jon Anderson brings his solo show to Houston Monday, the set list will run the gamut of his career honing in on five decades. The most recognizable songs, of course, will come from his lengthy service as the lead vocalist of Yes -- material like "Long Distance Runaround," "Roundabout," "I've Seen All Good People" and "Owner of a Lonely Heart."

And while Anderson is estranged from the group -- he last performed with them a decade ago, and a bad patch of vocal-health problems later led to his dismissal -- he hasn't let it stop his creativity.

"I'm making new music all the time," he says, ticking off a list of projects and collaborations filling his plate these days. A 22-minute suite, Open, was released as a digital download in 2011. Interestingly for one of the leading lights of "progressive rock" music, much of his work is being created with the help of the Internet. It allows him to collaborate with other artists he has never laid eyes on.

"The other day, I was singing on this track from a composer in Italy, and now we've done four songs together. I made another track and sent it to a friend on the internet, and now we're talking about putting a band together this summer," he offers.

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