Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What’s in Store: Norcal Modern Gallery opens with Grace Slick exhibit

Scott Hann is kicking off his new Railroad Square art gallery, Norcal Modern Gallery, with “Welcome to Wonderland,” an exhibit of paintings by former rock and roll star Grace Slick. Hann has been representing her work for 15 years and said he opened the gallery to showcase her work, along with the work of Tom Everhart, the only artist licensed to draw Charles Schulz’s Peanuts characters.
Norcal Modern Gallery opens Saturday, Feb. 15, on lower Fourth Street near Wilson. The former lead singer for Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship will make a personal appearance Feb. 21. She is best known for her her hit song, “White Rabbit.”
Photo by Joel Lipton
Grace Slick (Photo by Joel Lipton)
Speaking from her Malibu home, Slick said, “I didn’t reinvent myself so much as picking up where I left off 45 years earlier. I would draw an angel and my parents would put it on a Christmas card. I knew I was good because of the reaction to my work when I was a kid. I stopped painting when I went to school, then went to California to do the rock and roll thing.”
Now 74, Slick said she lives alone on purpose (“I don’t want anyone, including a doctor, looking at a 70-year-old body”) and believes that advancing age doesn’t mix well with rock and roll. “I have a bad attitude about old people doing rock and roll,” she said. “Opera, blues, jazz you can, they’re different. But not rock.”
Her piano now sits idle, collecting dust, although she still writes lyrics. ”I’m either a singer or a painter,” she said. “I don’t multitask.”

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