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Sunday, 23 February 2014

PERCY JONES: German review translated

Percy Jones / Cape Catastrophe 

 Playing time: 63:27 
Format: CD 
Label: Gonzo Multimedia, 2013 (Hot Wire Music, 1990) 
Style: Fusion, Experimental 
Review on 13/02/2014 Joachim 'Joe' Brookes

In 1990, the virtuoso bassist debuted Percy Jones with "Cape Catastrophe". The specialist of the fretless bass driver was on some Brand X active albums. Further stations of his work included the Fusion lineup tunnel , The Fusion Syndicate , Steve Hackett , Brian Eno , Roy Harper , Gary Moore , David Sylvian or Suzanne Vega . 
Another plate in the discography of the artist, but under the name Percy Jones Ensemble , is "Propeller Music". This album comes with no bonus tracks, so as it was published in 1990, on the market again. On a digital remastering could also be abolished because Carlos Albrecht had fromBert accessible album produced even then, digitally mastered in the legendary Bauer Studios, Ludwigshafen. 
With its eight songs is "Cape Catastrophe" go even after the many past years of the first publication definitely not an easy diet, since you have already prejudice to the cause, and some experience with, let's say it once casually, have wacky music. The freedom of art is damn porous defined and the experimental music sorted in either a genius or the charm of a paving slab. 
Undeniably, Percy Jones' ingenuity on the whale V five string fretless bass. From more or less gliding opener "The Lie" in short format up to just over dreiundzwanzigminütigen Opus "Barrio" is for the fan of extravagant numbers (almost) everything there, which can give the fusion music that way.Exceptions confirm the rule. Only "Symphony In F Major" does not come from the think tank of Percy Jones . The by Thomas Arne written (1710-1778) song was arranged by the protagonists. 
The adaptation is one of the gentle-designed tracks on the album. Perhaps it is indeed in the musical template that Percy Jones something had put the brakes on the imagination. An artfully plucked bass strikes artificially generated background and one may in approaches to Focus or Ekseption think.Since the just mentioned "Barrio" is already a very different caliber. The musician served a tonal multi-layer salad, which seems to be rarely made according to the recipe. If you come this far with the disc, then the listener has the "Cape Catastrophe" swallowed bait for a long time and internalizedPercy Jones' vital virtuosity without a break. In the tricky rhythms set the Yamaha RX 11 drum machine, one can speak in any way of Groove, but progressively the buzz is all. Quieter cuts Prog mix with fusion. The selectivity disappears into nebulous realm and eventually hide behind even the unexpected phases of experimentation. 
This sound monoliths can not record in the same breath you. Only after several rounds (for which you have to book time) speak the sounds of longtracks a language for which you do not need translation. After about half of the season, a short radio sequence is inserted in the form of an announcement. These passes were, a second "Barrio" part and the mood is colored something far east with all zeal. 
The album can hardly with, for example, Brand X compare. "Cape Catastrophe" is the artistic big bang, the second, if not third dimension of British fusion band. A piece like the funky "Hex" is somewhat more fusion in the sea of the mainstream. "Slick" is a ballad, with an unmistakable penchant for continuous melody. 
The album includes music, has the relatively broad targets set limits. Through their intransigence, it shows a not-setting of the hand effect. The famous red thread of "Cape Catastrophe" is the experimentation, the risk of daring tightrope walk. Only he who dares, wins. 
Percy Jones (bass, synthesizer, drum programming) 

01: The Lie (2:36) 
02: Cape Catastrophe (10:36) 
03: Slick (6:50) 
04: Hex (4:37) 
05: Barrio (23:30) 
06: Tunnels (4:56) 
07: Thin Line (6:57) 
08: Symphony in F Major (4:10)


CD - £9.99

Cape Catastrophe
CD - £9.99

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