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Friday, 28 February 2014

BRAND X: German Review (translated)

Brand X / Live At The Roxy LA 1979 

Playing time: 70:51 
Format: CD 
Label: Gonzo Multimedia, 2013 (1995) 
Style: Jazz Rock
Review on 2/12/2014 Steve Brown

Bad news for owners of the first edition of Brand X ' "Live At The Roxy LA 1979" 1995: The price of this rare, very long coated and so far have never been reissued baby tumble into the abyss. The to be discussed here new edition of Gonzo Multimedia makes it possible ... 
With "Live At The Roxy LA 1979" We want the small Brand X series complemented by Percy Jones'remarkable solo album Cape Catastrophe complete from 1990, now (hopefully only temporarily) . 
In September 1979 guested Brand X as part of a U.S. tour two nights at the Roxy in Los Angeles. The second of the acclaimed evenings, the 23 September was recorded for a publication that should appear only 16 years later, however - almost centrally between the studio albums "Xcommunicaton" (1992) and "Manifest Destiny" (1997), with whom Percy Jones and John Goodsall (unsuccessfully)Brand X to resuscitate tried. 
Because there was only one official live release ("Livestock" 1977) before, to "Live At The Roxy LA 1979" enjoys great desires. Let's be honest: Right well tuned, the sound is still not, for ears-as apparently no changes to the source material have been made, its quality (master tapes) we can of course judge bad. Obviously there were sound problems at the club, because from about half of the concert the sound is a little better. 
"Live At The Roxy LA 1979" begins tough ... the concert intro, "Disco Suicide" is a few minutes too long and tiring rolled out, although Phil Collins begins sometime quite exquisite drumming. WithGenesis then gone astray (! I properly only "Duke", choke) you might prefer to call him a familiar, slightly modified Rock'n'Roll Quote: "Hold 'Up and play' drums'! And that's what he does in this intro, which finally merges seamlessly into "Algon" from the then-current "Product" and - thanks in Collinstrain and pressure - can increase enormously. This is of course well represented with a total of three takes - the sales figures should eventually be pushed. The slightly freejazzige "Dance Of The Illegal Aliens" adapts perfectly. The dialogues between the guitar, fretless bass, Mini Moog and the Yamaha CP-70 piano are terrific! 
In "Do not Make Waves" is allowed Philip to sing at last (once) and makes it to the straight abrockenden, but sound-wise slightly confused active number quite well. "Malaga Vergen" from the great "Moroccan Roll" album grooves is determined in a real room into what is being enthusiastically received by the audience that after the final Höhenrausch with "... And So To F. .." for minutes frenetic applause unpaid. 
Very whimsically represents Collins then for adding the band members before. Interestingly, it has byAndrew Lloyd Webber pianist J. Peter Robinson reinforced occasionally as a friend of the band instudio recordings participated. His trips on the CP 70 are consistently a true 'the ears' - like the closing "Nuclear Burn", the strongest number of the debut album "Unorthodox Behaviour". AboutCollins' virtuoso drifting percussion and Jones' knurrigem times, sometimes elastic fretless, the keyboardist and guitarist may run riot act - not even for a hochinspiriertes drum solo is still time ... 
The bottom line is to report: great record! Should sound fetishists might hold back anything, unless they are on top of fans. Because for Brand X trailer is "Live At The Roxy LA 1979" regardless of such Nickeligkeiten course a must! 
Phil Collins (drums, percussion, vocals) 
Robin Lumley (keyboards) 
John Goodsall (electric guitar), 
Percy Jones (bass) 
J. Peter Robinson (keyboards)

01: Disco Suicide (Intro) / Algon (14:14) 
02: Dance Of The Illegal Aliens (11:56) 
03: Do not Make Waves (6:16) 
04: Malaga Vergen (13:34) 
05. .. And So To F. .. (12:23) 
06: Nuclear Burn (12:28) 

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