Friday, 14 February 2014

GARY WINDO: Steam Radio Tapes, Dutch review translated

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GARY WINDO - Steam Radio Tapes (1976/2013)

A saxlegende ... 

... and according to some, the best saxophonist ever. Windo is deceased in 1992, among others was part of the Canterbury Scene. So he made in 1971 with Robert Wyatt part of Symbiosis, participated in releases of Matching Mole and solo albums Wyatt and worked with Hugh Hopper and Roy Babbington. In 1976 he received from Nick Mason the opportunity to 'Britannia Row ', the new Pink Floyd studio to record an album and that gave Floyd a chance to test the systems. The album 'Steam Radio Tapes', rare until recently, was the result. 

A very good album, with a lot of jazz and jazz-rock with Canterbury accents. Windo's particular game and its unique saxsound in all nine tracks prominent. Exception is the repetitive 'Is This the Time? " which sings Wyatt, Hopper bark and Mason drums. This track had so could stand. A solo work by Wyatt 
Gonzo Multimedia has chosen to include "Dogface" (1982) and "Deep Water" (1987) again to brengen.Terecht for Windo deserves to live on in our ears . Al is "Steam Radio Tapes' most towards progressive rock. Harry de Vries (what a week 05)


Steam Radio Tapes
CD - £9.99

Dog Face
CD - £9.99

Deep Water
CD - £9.99

Avant Gardeners
CD - £9.99

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