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Monday, 3 March 2014

INTERVIEW: Frank Zappa’s ‘Roxy & Elsewhere’ lives on with Dweezil

File:FRANK ZAPPA3.jpgRoxy & Elsewhere is one of the landmark live albums of the 1970s and an important bullet point in the long resume of the late Frank Zappa. Fans of the album can hear the release in its entirety on the Zappa Plays Zappa tour featuring Frank’s son, Dweezil Zappa. The tribute, which features other hits from Frank’s catalog, will play the State Theatre in New Brunswick, N.J., Tuesday, March, 4.
“Well, this record has always been one of my favorites, but it’s been a fan favorite for a long time, too,” Dweezil said recently in a phone interview. “And it really has a great selection and variety of music on the whole record, so it’s one that I think gives a great introduction to the uninitiated.”
Although playing the same songs every night could prove tiresome, Dweezil and his band keep things fresh by working in improvisation. The set list might be firm, but the outcome is almost always different though we’re playing the same songs, they sort of ebb and flow in different ways. … I think one of the ones that tend to be fun is the solo section in ‘More Trouble Everyday,’ and Frank just plays an unbelievable solo on that song. It’s just completely tearing it up.”
Roxy & Elsewhere features many fan favorites, including “Cheepnis,” which is an ode to cheap horror films, and “Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?,” an orchestral work. The entire album finishes with the “Be-Bop Tango,” an audience participation number.
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