Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Deviants: Belgium review translated


Turn the volume knob and 'Dr. Crow turns on the radio "blares like an express train through your living room. The re-issue of this lost masterpiece of 2002 should not go unnoticed to the true music lover. Mick Farren, during a performance in London in 2013 expanded into each other, achieved this record with a unique rock album. Rugged yet subtle in composition. Evidenced by the Beatles Cover 'Strawberry Fields Forever', which played vibrantly ingenious is invoiced by the mellow Fab Four.

In 'The murdering officer you drink' a pint (or more) and sing merrily along on the folkie tune (and let yourself be surprised). Mick Farren is strong word in ghosts and guitarist Andy Colquhoun feels perfect poetic side. The percussion Rick Parnell makes the composition. Strong! 

'Bela Lugosi' (Hungarian actor who played Count Dracula) is then a trickle of heavy metal that causes no pain in the ears. Sneering guitar work with heavy freaky lyrics put you in the mood: you do not know what the hell was happening. 

In 'You gonna need somebody, "he moans the whole neighborhood to each other in a duet with Johnette' Concrete Blonde 'Napolitano. (Is there a doctor nearby?). And the emotional sax Jack Lancaster let you happy untouched. "What do you want (more)? 

Not only Dr. John and Arno adepts will work with Dr. Crow of The Deviants lovers can meet. Garage rock / punk and the rugged literary know-all fans licking fingers and thumbs. Also appeared on the Gonzo label: 'The Deviants have left the planet. "Even more handsome !! 

Marino Serdons (3 ½)


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