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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Atkins May Project - Anthology Belgian Review


/ Published on 02-05-2015 /
I confess I do not know what to make of this"Anthology" . Let us be clear. I'm quite a fan of theAtkins May Project and I feel enormous respect for the contribution of Al Atkins to the history of Heavy Metal (NDR  : remember, this young fellow of 67 years was the first singer of Judas Priest ) . However, I do not see what I could write more than what has already been said in the chronicles of the albums Valley Of Shadows " (2012) and Empire Of Destruction " that we have previously published. Especially the last two came out there a few months. As its name implies,"Anthology" is a 'best of'  , a compilation of songs off the three albums released between 2011 and 2014 by the duo of Al Atkins and English guitarist Paul May. Most titles presented here are already present on the two aforementioned albums. Only"Dream Maker" (a ballad over twelve minutes) and "Theatre Of Fools" (a title Heavy Rock rather excellent, it must be admitted) are extracted from the album "Serpents Kiss" (2011) that had not been subject to criticism ears Music In Belgium. The interest is rather limited. And it is not the pitiful recovery of "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins which is presented bonus that will change that. Things might have been different if, for example, Al Atkins had the good idea to offer us his own version of"Victims Of Changes" , this classic Priest he had composed in the early seventies. But this 'beast' assembly too recent titles (NDR  : just four years for the oldest) seems completely unnecessary. "Anthology" might be of interest to collectors of anything related directly or indirectly to the story Judas Priest, and like all titles that are presented are of excellent invoice (NDR  : if one appreciates the classic Heavy Rock and unadorned), compilation could also serve as an introduction to Atkins May Project for those who have not yet had the opportunity to taste it. Others may prefer to invest their money in a more consistent output. The album (78 ')  :
  1. Here Comes The Rain (9'04)
  2. Enslaved To Love (7'44)
  3. The shallowing (5'37)
  4. Bitter Waters (3'47)
  5. World At War (12'36)
  6. Dream Maker (4'31)
  7. Valley Of Shadows (5'13)
  8. Harder They Fall (5'59)
  9. Theatre Of Fools (8'37)
  10. Whisper To The Wind (8'24)
  11. In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins cover) (4'49)

The group  :
  • Al Atkins  : Vocals
  • Paul May  : Guitars


CD - £9.99

Empire of Destruction
CD/DVD - £9.99

Valley of Shadows/The Serpents Kiss
2CD - £9.99

Valley of Shadows
CD - £9.99

The Serpents Kiss
CD - £9.99

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