Friday, 15 May 2015

PLAYLIST: Strange Fruit #120

Strange Fruit 120 - Ladbroke Grove
The music of Ladbroke Grove and what came after!      
Featured Album:       Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters: Robert Calvert
Featured EP:              Truth, Justice & a Wholesome Packed Lunch: The Redbirds
1          Pink Fairies: Do It
2          Michael Moorcock & the Deep Fix: Dodgem Dude
3          Hawkwind: Doremi Faso Latedo
4          Mighty Baby: House without Windows
5          Deviants: You've got to Hold On
6          Skin Alley: Bad Words and Evil People
7          Robert Calvert: Hero with a Wing
8          Robert Calvert: Ground Control to Pilot
9          Robert Calvert: Ejection
10        Motorhead: Lost Johnny
11        Rings: I Wanna Be free
12        Warsaw Pakt: Believe me Honey
13        Uncle Dog: We've Got Time
14        Pink Fairies: Prologue
15        Pink Fairies: City Kids

16        Larry Wallis: Leather Forever
17        Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun: Thunder on the Mountain
18        Lightning Raiders: Break Out Rowdies
19        Russell Hunter and Andy Colquhoun: Interview
20        Edgar Broughton: Evening over Rooftops
21        Pink Fairies: Taking LSD
22        The Redbirds: Do the Redbird
23        The Redbirds: Goin’ Some Place Else
24        Arthur Brown: A Hard Rain's Going to Fall
25        Quiver: Gone in the Morning
26        The Pretty Things: The Beat Goes On

27        Deviants: A Better Day is Coming

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