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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Karnataka - US Review

APRIL 8, 2015 • 0
Karnataka - Secrets of Angels

One of the new releases this year which I myself have really looked forward to, this is new ofKarnataka .
And what I'm spoiled ...

By Wouter van Hal

5 years after the release of ' The Gathering Light ' is finally here the new album from Karnataka.Each time it was for me again look forward to a new album, because what makes this English band around founder Ian Jones still beautiful music. Personally, I follow the band since 2000, when " the Storm "was released. Then still with singer Rachel Jones after the break-up in 2004, no longer came back into the lineup. 15 years later and a number of staff changes is beyond this year's 4th official studio album released.
And again, the long wait rewarded. What has become a great album this is. Singer Hayley Griffiths is a great new addition. Although she already since 2011 is in the band, this is her first studio album.But she had already heard on the live album ' New Light ' from 2012 so my expectations were already high.

The album opens with a slightly oriental atmosphere in the song " Road to Cairo . " One forKarnataka concepts up-tempo track. Fine structure and of course that wonderful voice. I really can not get enough of it. Hayley does not at all inferior to its predecessors. On the contrary, I dare say.But let me guitarist Enrico Pinna remember . He conjures the most beautiful compositions from his instrument and plays full of emotion. This combination is mouth-watering. If we then the next song " Because of You " listen to all of it is still beautiful. Something quieter track makes everything even better comes into its own. So follow 5 tracks which everyone normally anyway will have to get goosebumps. The songs are all written around the vocals. In this way, this beautifully accented.

I write five tracks, but in fact there are 6, because the album consists of 8 tracks. However, the latter is a separate mention more than worth it. It is the epic title track " Secrets of Angels "of more than 20 minutes. If you think that after listening to " Feels like Home ", the penultimate track, can not be much better, I have good news ...

I am a big fan of long epic songs, and then especially when they in this way the floating living room.Oh oh oh, how lovely. What I envy anyone who can compose it. And that there are not a lot, believe me. Packed with celtic and oriental influences, this is a song that reminds me of Loreena McKennitt.Especially in the first part is a comparison made ​​it so. Pretty subdued vocals alternate with lovely rocking guitar solos. Angels Singing on acoustic guitars. Violins are picked up by bombastic drums.Everything's in order to bore the listener for a second.

I catch myself sometimes to myself there on quite excited about a new release, but that is nothing compared to this. Unfortunately, I have to wait until the vinyl version is delivered, for which only early May. The CD is already out, and I recommend everyone to give this album a listen anyway.Even if you're not a fan of female fronted ... after this album to you.

Hayley Griffiths - vocals 
Ian Jones - bass and acoustic guitar / keys 
Enrico Pinna - guitar 
Jimmy Pallagrosi - drums 
Cagri Tozluoglu - keys 


Secrets of Angels
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

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