Friday, 22 May 2015

Karnataka Review

Karnataka – Secrets of Angels

Up until about a week ago I’d never heard of Karnataka, then their new album,Secrets of Angels, started getting mentioned a lot in the Big Big TrainFacebook group I belong too. A lot of my purchases over the past year have been on the recommendation of fellow members of the group, or Passengers as they prefer to be called. To date each purchase has turned out to be a good buy, and Secrets of Angels by Karnataka is no exception.
Karnataka - Secrets of Angels

Since receiving the download on Wednesday, I’ve been listening to this album constantly. It supposedly comes under the label of prog, but in my world, there are only two labels, “Music I like” and “Music I don’t like”. Secrets of Angelsmost definitely comes under the first category!
As mentioned, I knew nothing about this group whatsoever. Their website,, has a comprehensive history of the band, including a section on their new vocalist Hayley Griffiths, who is probably the main reason I like this album so much. She’s a classically trained soprano with years of experience gained from extensive touring with Michael Flatley’s Riverdance and Lord of the Dance productions. And it’s the classical vocals that make this such an outstanding album. That’s not to decry the rest of the band, who sound excellent and will certainly lead me to explore their back catalogue.
Another plus point for the album is that it was recorded in Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios, never a bad thing in my view!
The album has an orchestral and operatic feel to it as well, which adds to it’s appeal in my opinion.
Anyway enough of me waffling, there’s a superb review of Secrets of Angels byKarnakata on the Progradar website here, which describes this excellent album far better than I ever could!
Secrets of Angels
CD - £9.99

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