Thursday, 2 July 2015

Mick Abrahams: Dutch Review (translated)

Just imagine that a guitarist of Jethro Tull a plate would do with the man who succeeded him in that band, along with a bassist of The Rolling Stones, a bassist of Argent, a guitarist of Whitesnake, a guitarist of Steely Dan and a singer of Manfred Mann, that would be something! Oh, look at that!

Mick Abrahams - Revived!You can to "Revived" to see and hear that the elderly gentlemen (Abraham with his 71 years not even the oldest of the group) have had enormous fun. On the bonus CD which is available in a limited edition, you see the guys horsing around with the material and also the booklet accompanying the album is jolly. The repertoire is really looking. Under the heading "blues" I have seldom heard a more cheerful collection of songs than this. In I'm A Hog For You , the famous writing duo Lieber & Stoller, sings Beverly Skeete, singer with Bill Wymann's Rhythm Kings, excited that she is a pig, while Bill bass playing. In the other songs the blues seeping out all the cracks and crevices, but the atmosphere remains uncluttered and very relaxed, nothing any trouble. It's summer and we're on the road again ', no sense moping.
Occasionally stores that relaxed setting in dullness, like What About Us? and all the other songs that sings Abraham himself. They are also often novelty songs, songs that were always meant all funny. But even a tearjerker like Goodnight Irene gets the downright elderly interpretation of Mick something laughable, despite the fine harmonica parties of Paul Jones. Fortunately, there is some counterbalance inDragonfly , a beautiful instrumental by Abraham and his son Alex. In addition, Abraham, who after two heart attacks and a stroke not so good plays, collects some excellent guitarists, lighting the blue slick one with the other.
Gradually however the young readers are restless and I'm back in a hesitant finger go up. "Uh, blues? '' Harmonica? '' Lieber & Stoller?"
Well, friends, prog has to do with this record as much as Feyenoord with successful football. Somewhere in your mind you know that there must once have been a connection, but you can be with the best will in the world no longer make. Mick Abrahams, which not for nothing longer than BLoodwyn Pig has been in Jethro Tull, is' cozy blues "much more I can also not make. He does that very meritorious, "Revived" is that semi-funny and a bit too sluggish moments after, actually a wonderful record. And half of the proceeds going to a fund for children with cancer, so buy him especially. But remember: if Abraham in the book says there also Mellotron on the album can be heard, then he's joking.Ha ha.
Erik Groeneweg


CD - £9.99

See My Way
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The Best of ABY Vol 2
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Leaving Home Blues/This Is!
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Live in Forli
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Mick's Back
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Leaving Home Blues
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