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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

RICK WAKEMAN: Musician from Staverton to re-release LP he wrote and recorded back in 1974

John Golding back in the 1970s.
A musician from Staverton is to re-release an LP that originally hit the shelves of music shops in 1974.

Photographs was recorded by John Golding when he was 27 and released by Atlantic Records, but now John has copyright permission to release the music once again. The album was produced by Bob Harris (a host of The Old Grey Whistle Test at the time), and includes tracks with orchestral arrangements from Rick Wakeman.
John said: “I started out at the Dun Cow folk club at the pub in Daventry, but I wanted to record an album to promote myself a bit, so I set up Cottage Records, which is still going today.
Always With You
CD - £9.99

Gole/Almost Live in Europe
2CD - £9.99

Fields of Green/Always With You
2CD - £9.99

1984/Out There
2CD - £9.99

Night Music
CD/DVD - £9.99

Live At The Empire Pool - King Arthur On Ice
DVD/CD - £9.99

1984 - Live At The Hammersmith Odeon 1981
DVD/CD - £9.99

Live in Lincoln Cathedral
2CD - £7.99

Live At The Maltings 1976
DVD/CD - £9.99

Video Vaults
6DVD box - £85.00

Cirque Surreal 
CD - £7.99

CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Cost Of Living 
CD - £9.99

The Mixture
CD - £7.99

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