Thursday, 13 August 2015

Mick Abrahams: US Review

Mick Abrahams - Revved! (Double CD, Gonzo Multimedia, Pop/rock)
You may not know the name Mick Abrahams right off the bat, but chances are you've heard him in the past. As one of the original members of both Blodwyn Pig and Jethro Tull, Abrahams cemented his place in the world of music decades ago. Now 71 years old, Mick has recorded what some are saying is the strongest album of his career. Not bad for a guy who's been around for so long. The list of artists lending their talents to these recordings is mind boggling. Playing and/or singing on these tracks are Bill Wyman, Martin Barre, Bernie Marsden, Graham Walker, John Gordon, Jim Rodford, George Murayni, Elliot Randall, Geoff Whitehorn, Emily Gardner, Josh Phillips, Mark Feltham, Paul Jones, Beverley Skeete, Don Andrews, Patrick Washe, and Peter Aldridge (whewwwww!!!). And if the list of contributing musicians doesn't blow you away, the tracks on Revved! most certainly will. Abrahams is obviously one of those guys out there who others like, appreciate, and admire. These feelgood blues/rock tracks are slick and inspired and you can just tell by listening to them that the musicians involved were having a helluva time recording them. Seventeen cuts here and they all hit the target. This classy little package also includes a bonus DVD.


CD - £9.99

See My Way
CD - £9.99

The Best of ABY Vol 2
CD - £9.99

Leaving Home Blues/This Is!
3CD - £9.99

Live in Forli
CD - £9.99

All Said and Done
CD - £9.99

Mick's Back/Novox
2CD - £9.99

Mick's Back
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Leaving Home Blues
2CD - £11.99

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