Monday, 2 November 2015

Interview with Steve Hackett on his upcoming solo and Genesis appearance

Steve Hackett (SH) has a music career spanning 5 decades. The former Genesis guitarist is in the middle of a very busy year, with a new studio album, retrospective box set and an extensive tour. We caught up with him as he passed through York to chat about his year and look forward to the appearance at Leeds Town Hall on 20th October.

LMS: You have a huge box set of your early solo career being released, 'Premonitions: The Charisma Years 1975-1983', tell us a little about how that came into being?

SH: "It's an idea that came up about five years ago. It contains the Charisma albums that I made between 1974 and '83. We had some remixes by Steve Wilson. He had approached me a while ago. He was very keen on 'Please Don't Touch'. He'd heard it when he was 11 years old and I gather it was influential for him. So we did stereo remixes of that and 'Spectral Mornings' and we got some surrounds from him. Funnily enough, we are using surround sound in the shows, as I've been heading that way myself. The other albums were some remasters by Ben Fenner, who did a remarkable job. It's really been an extension of taking the past, brushing it up and giving it a new coat of paint. We've made it sound better than ever before. The nice thing is that when you are doing an album at the time you are flying the flag for it and fighting the cause, but it means something else when you look back at it. I'd done some work on a couple of tracks with Richy Havens around the time of 'Please Don't Touch'. He passed on last year, so to hear that stuff again and hear it remixed, it sounds really great, it sounds lovely. The set contains some BBC sessions, live recordings and even some unreleased stuff too."

"We approached Roger Dean to do the cover for it. My wife, Jo, and I are both fans of his work. He was very keen to help. He has done such a lovely cover for it. I'm very pleased with that. There are lots of photos and commentary in it too. It feels lovely to have it all in one package, and is definitive in that it is those early years after Genesis. It contains all the stuff I was doing that was flying in the face of the burgeoning commerciality that was around during the early 80s. It is very much an idealist's collection."

LMS: You also have a new solo album, 'Wolflight', tell us about that and whether you have changed the way you think about albums in the light of the way the music is consumed these days?


Spectral Mornings
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