Saturday, 30 June 2012


Helen is a monumentally intriguing artist, and furthermore one after my own heart. She posted this on her blog:

"I have posted a new track on It's one of the seven ages of women, from Voxpop Puella"

What, I wondered, was Voxpop Puella? My schoolboy Latin was enough to know that puella is Ancient Roman for 'girl' as in "Balbus love the sweet voices of the gurls", as any fule kno. But what was Voxpop Puella? So I googled it and found..

"Helen McCookerybook's Voxpop Puella takes as its theme the seven ages of woman. The show involves the screening of seven short films, commissioned from seven women filmmakers, interspersed with seven songs, written and performed by McCookerybook."

So this is one of the songs from the show, I surmise. So I went back to ReverbNation and listened to it. It is jolly good. I also found this:


So my journey was not a wasted one...

...and check out her Gonzo artist page

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