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Boomtown Rats Portugal review translated

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Flash-Review: Live Germany '78 (The Boomtown Rats)

Album:  Live Germany '78
Artist:  The Boomtown Rats    
Publisher:  Gonzo Multimedia   
Year:  2015
Origin:  Ireland
Genre:  Punk
Rating:  5.5 / 6
Quick description: The The Boomtown Rats are one of the mythical Irish bands have been led by one of the most charismatic frontman of all time,Bob Geldof. In 1978 they acted in Germany and this concert is now available for the first time on DVD plus a bonus audio CD. Still in the first phase of his brilliant career (the band was born three years before) the quintet presents a concert full of determination, energy, speed, anger and fun with a purity and rawness that only the first few years can produce.
Highlights: Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You, Kicks, She's So Modern, Joey's On The Street Again (She's Gonna) Do You In, Of The Rat
For fans of:  Fri Pistols, The Clash, The Rolling Stones, The Who

1.       Close As You'll Ever Be
2.       Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You
3.       Neon Heart
4.       (Feels) So Strange
5.       Kicks
6.       She's So Modern
7.       Joey's On The Street Again
8.       Don't Believe What You Read
9.       (She's Gonna) Do You In
10.   Do The Rat
11.   It's All The Rage
12.   Mary Of The 4 th Form
13.   Looking After No. 1
14.   Banana Republic
15.   House On Fire

Bob Geldof - vocals, guitars
Johnnie Fingers - keyboards
Gerry Cott - guitars
Pete Briquette - down
Simon Crowe - Battery
Gary Roberts - guitars

Live in Germany '78
DVD/CD - £14.99

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