Friday, 11 September 2015


There is bad news for Rick Wakeman fans. As you may know, earlier this year Rick had a health scare and was advised to cut back on his workload. This is nothing to be worried about; he even quoted Mark Twain to us earlier today saying that “rumours of his death have been exaggerated”. He cannot sustain his current workload, and so a number of projects, including – unfortunately – the three day WAKEmanFEST, which had been scheduled for Hallowe’en weekend, have had to be cancelled. Like all of us Rick is gutted by the news, but as he said, “I have been advised to postpone the event until next year and to keep a block of time completely free for the organisation and administration as, having been told earlier in the year to severely cut back, the amount of time needed to rehearse and organise the event is going to mean going back to the ‘bad old days’ of 18-20 hour days, and health-wise I have been firmly told ‘it's not on’ and so we will be looking at a three day period in the middle of next year when we can put the event on”. People who have purchased a ticket will be contacted very soon by Gonzo Multimedia who will arrange refunds

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