Tuesday, 30 August 2016

CD/DVD Review: Director Tony Palmer Combines The Beatles & World War II In Iconic Film

CD/DVD Review: Director Tony Palmer Combines The Beatles & World War II In Iconic Film

One of the most eye-opening movies about World War 2 has been recently released on DVD to celebrate the film's 40th anniversary and it also features one of the greatest soundtracks of all-time. On July 15th, Gonzo Multimedia released "The Beatles And WWII" on DVD along with a 2CD soundtrack.

The movie is a mix of documentary footage and war movies made in Hollywood that covered the devastation of war beginning in 1939 with the rise of Adolf Hitler. The film covers every aspect of the war with some amazing footage that has never been released to the general public before. The only thing that softens the emotions of that terrible time in human history is the soundtrack of the music of The Beatles. Over 20 covers of songs from The Beatles appear in the movie to give background and solace to the images on the screen. As France is being overtaken by The Axis Powers, Henry Gross sings "Help!" and "A Day In The Life" performed by Frankie Valli becomes the soundtrack to the epic battle of Normandy.

While the original 1976 movie was an iconic piece of cinematic history, the soundtrack is just as iconic as it featured some of the biggest names in music performing some of the most popular songs of all time. Rock artists like Jeff Lynne, Elton John, Leo Sayer and Peter Gabriel take on Beatles' classics like "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," adding their own special touches to the songs. Female pop artists Helen Reddy, Tina Turner and Lynsey de Paul lead the march of the most important moments in the film with "Fool On The Hill," "Come Together" and "Because" respectively. Now included with this 40th anniversary release of "The Beatles and World War II" you get the entire 2CD soundtrack that features 22 cover versions of classic songs by The Beatles. To find out more about this new release, please visit gonzomultimedia.com.


The Beatles Tapes
2CD - £10.99

The Beatles and WWII
2CD1DVD - £14.99

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