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Title - 'Rock N Roll & UFO's: Gregg Kofi Brown Anthology'
Artist - Gregg Kofi Brown
For those not in the know, Gregg Kofi Brown is a Ghanaian musician who served as a singer and guitarist for the African group Osibisa for over two decades before issuing his first solo effort in 2005. While Osibisa made a name for themselves as pioneers in the combination of rock, African, and Caribbean music, Brown went in a more Afro-jazz direction for June 2005's Together as One.
With conscience laden lyrics and funky afro-rhythms Gregg has a created a multi-national musical platform with his guest artists that speaks to many peoples across the world. Gregg Kofi Brown was also an executive producer of the 2003 Evening Standard cover-mount CD giveaway in memory of Damilola Taylor, which featured the likes of Robbie Williams, Craig David, Gorillaz, Blue and Ms.Dynamite.
1. How Can I?
2. All The Way For You (unplugged)
3. Nkosi B
4. Open Up My Arms (unplugged)
5. Shadow
6. Tender Eyes (unplugged)
7. This Guy
8. Wake Up In The Morning
9. Whisper In The Wind
10. Listening To You
11. Freedom's Ring (unplugged)
12. Summer Rain (unplugged)
13. Freedom's Ring (the groove mix)
14. Take Your Time
15. Tricky Situation
16. Perfect Rainbow (unplugged)
The brilliantly-entitled Rock N Roll & UFO's: Gregg Kofi Brown Anthology anthologizes Gregg’s career for the first time here in these 16 tracks and is a real treat to behold for his many fans across the world.
Unexpectedly, this anthology is chock full of not only uber catchy songs, soulful grooves, even funky dance floor shape-throwing moves, but it also has a back beat that is decidedly disco! Throw into the eclectic musical mix of highly intense introspective work some unplugged acoustic tracks, and this anthology truly illustrates an artist at his finest.
If this album sets your musical taste buds alight, and you want to know more about the man himself, well you're in luck, for following along hot on the heels of this CD is the release of Greg’s autobiography. Featuring anecdotes about the likes of Billy Cobham, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Peter Green, Fela Kuti, and more, if it's anything as revealing as these strong, cohesive, warm, expansive, soulful, funky and so very sweet musical moods, it's bound to be a massive worldwide hit also.
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Rock and Roll and UFOs
Book - £9.99

Rock n Roll & UFOs Gregg Kofi Brown Anthology
CD - £9.99

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