Sunday, 4 February 2018

PLAYLIST: SF 242 – 21 JAN 2018

SF 242 – 21 JAN 2018

Nick Heyward Beautiful Morning
Trupa Trupa: Jolly New Song
Chief Kooffreh: Wedding Song
James Brown: It was You
James Brown: Get it Together
Shelia Chandra: Nana/The Dreaming
Stuart Masters: Soul Worn
Gerry and the Pacemakers: Shot of Rhythm and Blues
The Dream Syndicate: How did I Find Myself Here
James Brown: The Little Groove Maker
James Brown: Super Bad pts 1&2
Dinosaur Jr. The Wagon
Tiny Magnetic Pets: Shadow Street
Hasil Adkins: Gee but I Love You
Desert Mountain Tribe: Interstellar
Purson: Desire’s Magic Theatre
12 Tops: You’re a Lady/ Mouldy old Dough/ Goodbye to Love/ John I’m Only Dancing/ In a Broken Dream/ Elmo James
The Smiths: Some Girls are Bigger than Others
James Brown: Public Enemy #1
James Brown: Eyesight
David Crosby: I’d Swear There was Somebody Here

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