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BADFINGER’S JOEY MOLLAND is now also a member of The Raz Band on their new #9 album, led by guitarist Michael “Raz” Rescigno, along with Jim Manzo on bass and Jeff “Hutch” Hutchinson on drums.
GM: As the new Raz Band album begins with your vocals on “Breadline Love,” the performance reminds me of the excitement I first heard in 1970 on Badfinger’s No Dice album with the opening number “I Can’t Take It.”
JOEY MOLLAND: Oh wow! That is something. “Breadline Love” is a song written by a friend of Raz’s, Billy Tempany, who has unfortunately passed. We miss him. I’ve known Raz since 1978, over 40 years now, he has always been in a band and is a big fan of Badfinger. He found me in L.A. I had moved to Los Angeles in the ‘70s by the time he came out there. I have been in sessions on and off with him since I have known him, and this has led me to becoming a member of the band. I stayed with him for a couple of weeks a few months ago, rehearsing the new songs, and he gave me the privilege of producing the record. I really got involved with the arrangements. Now the record is out and we’re getting good reception and some airplay here and there.
GM: “Curveball” is one of my favorites, with a theme that is so, “Life throws you a curveball.”
JM: It’s a great tune, isn’t it? It really knocked me out. I thought it was a little out there when I first heard it, but I really like it.
GM: You mentioned 1978 and you mentioned producing. “Coming at You” takes me back to the intensity I first heard from Devo that year in Northeast Ohio.
JM: Sure. It really comes across strong on the record that if we want to be a four piece band and play shows, this really exemplifies what we can do, sounding like a little rock band playing our song.
GM: The album also takes a gentle turn with “Let Me Tell You,” with another Northeast Ohio musician, Joe Vitale on keyboards. Joe told me, “Whatever project Joey works on he always brings magic and he has brought plenty of it to The Raz Band.”
JM: That is sweet for him to say that. Are you sure he wasn’t saying that about someone else? Joe played keyboards on the song. He is a great friend. He is so busy with Joe Walsh tours and other tours, we were fortunate to get on his schedule. “Let Me Tell You” is a nice mellow tune that Raz wrote. It is great to get the opportunity to do this kind of work. I’ve been given that all my life, really. I feel very lucky. It has been a long career.

No. 9
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The Best of RAZ
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Madison Park
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