Sunday, 21 July 2019

PLAYLIST: SHOW 297 – Alison Cotton – Bloxham Tapes label

SHOW 297 – Alison Cotton – Bloxham Tapes label
Serge Gainsboro:        The Initials B.B.
Bombay Talkie:           Charigiye
Rupert’s People:          Hold On
Alison Cotton:            36 Dramatic Situations
Elbow: Lucky With Disease
Lothar and the Hand People:  Today is Only Yesterday’s Tomorrow
Judy Mowatt:  King of Kings
Toots and the Maytals:            Let Down
The Ravjunk:  Hangover Construction
Alison Cotton: All is Quiet in the Ancient Theatre
Le Tigre:          On the Verge
Donovan:        Isle of Islay
Low:    Fly
Autoramas:      What you Mean to Me
Bionic Caveman:        Pigblood
Big Audio Dynamite:  Lucan
Merciful Nuns:            Lord Chord of the Sun
King Sunny Ade:        Ade Ase
Alison Cotton: A Tragedy in the Tithe Barn
Jackie Wilson: You Don’t Know What it Means
After Crying:   Life Must Go On
Sarabeth Tucek: Good Night

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