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Monday, 28 April 2014

A Q&A With Jack Bruce

Jack Bruce talks with Pollstar about his latest album –“Silver Rails” – as well as 2005’s Cream reunion shows and the legendary rocker’s personal connection to World War I.

Released last month in the U.K. and Europe, Bruce’s first studio album in 10 years arrives in the U.S. April 15 on Esoteric Antenna.  The long player’s impressive guest list includes Phil Manzanera, Robin Trower, Bernie Marsden, Uli Jon Roth, John Medeski, Malcom Bruce and Cindy Blackman Santana.  Produced by Rob Cass, Silver Rails features Bruce performing songs he co-wrote with longtime collaborators Pete Brown and Kip Hanrahan as well as his wife, Margrit Seyffer.
Let’s start with your new album.  What has the reception been like?
It’s been tremendous.  People love it.  I haven’t had anyone who says they didn’t like it.
You just completed a short run through the U.K.
Yes. Very short.  Just sort of warming up.  I’ll be doing more dates later on in the year. … We were able to cover the album very well.
Were those the first live performances of material on the album?
Very much so.  It’s still pretty much a work in progress, the live thing.
You’re still tinkering with the songs?
They do sort of develop.  If you have a bunch of musicians playing, obviously things change a little bit. … I don’t think a live performance should be exactly the same as the recording.  I like it to be a little different.

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