Saturday, 26 April 2014

Clearlight Polish review translated

Clearlight - Impressionist Symphony
Author: Arthur Chachlowski

ImageClearlight is a legendary French team, headed from the very beginning of its activity is Cyrille Verdeaux (in 1975 released his first album, entitled "Clearlight", from the name to the group headed by him). The artist has used to invite to your next plate of French cream (and not only) rock. It is no different for published at the beginning of the album "Symphony Impressionist". We hear on the members of the group Gong, The Muffins, Spirits Burning, namely Steve Hillage'a, Tim Blake, Didier Malherbe, Paul Sears, Don Falcone, Linda Cushman, Craig Fry, Remy Tran, Chris Kovax and Vincent Thomas-Penny.

Image"Impressionist Symphony" is an artistic vision Cyrille Verdeaux about impressionist painting. Inspired by the French Impressionist school, he decided to illustrate the musical emotions that accompanied him when viewing the works of Degas, Pissaro, Monet, Lautrec and other masters. Active dressed in 8 instrumental history, which gave perverse titles. "Time Is Monet", "Lautrec Too Loose" and "Van Gogh 3rd Ear" - these are just some of them, which testify to the considerable backlash and a sense of humor, our hero. The immediate inspiration for the impressionist works for Verdeaux statement was French ambassador in Brazil, where one of the concerts at the Festival 21 June, he described his style "musical impressionist painting." These words have become unmistakable recognition of him driving force for the preparation of the Impressionist artists pay tribute.

This album Verdeaux joined the likes of composers Ravel, Satie and Debussy, which has always been associated with the French school of Impressionism. The progressive symphonic rock sounds through which we hear on this CD, you can hear clearly the inspiration drawn from the works of these masters, and after zmrużeniu eyelids, listening to this album you can see the eyes of the imagination a lot of sense and fleeting moments characterized by the works of eminent painters. This need to "capture the fleeing moments" and show the subjectivity of human perception is reflected in the music of Cyrille Verdeaux. It makes listening to this album become invalid also single sounds, no matter what you hear, but as we hear. And how does this affect our personality.

Beautiful, warm, moody this album. With music, with which it is resting. With music that does not get tired.


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