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Friday, 25 April 2014

Jack Bruce Moves Past Cream: 'It Was Nice to Have a Little Comeback'

When former Cream frontman Jack Bruce attempts to explain why it has taken him a decade to put out his latest solo album, Silver Rails, he says he had merely fallen out of love with the recording process. But he also tells Rolling Stone that part of the long wait was because he was "a bit scared" about writing songs again. "It was remarkably easy," says Bruce, now 70, from his Suffolk home. "It's supposed to get harder, but in fact it got easier, which is nice."
Part of the reason why writing Silver Rails was so easy for Bruce was because he stepped out of the shadow of his past and did whatever he wanted. Silver Rails opens with the relaxed "Candlelight" – which has a bit of a "Calypso, islandy feel," to use Bruce's words – and contains piano ballads ("Reach for the Night"), heavy blues rockers in the vein of Cream ("Hidden Cities," "Rusty Lady" and "No Surrender") and a few newer rock sounds, like the harshly monochromatic "Drone." He recorded the album at Abbey Road with guest appearances by a few famous friends – ex-Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera, keyboardist John Medeski, sometime Scorpion Uli Jon Roth, Robin Trower and more – as well as his old friend and Cream lyricist Pete Brown. His wife Margrit Seyffer wrote some lyrics and his son, Malcolm Bruce, played guitar and did preproduction.
Now that he's made a new record – and now that he's not waiting around for Cream anymore, following their brief 2005 reunion – he's ready to make another. In addition to playing a few gigs – nothing big – he hopes to venture down Abbey Road again in the winter. "Everybody should be able to go in there and make an album at one point in their life – that's my idea of socialism," he says with a laugh. "Give everybody a Ferrari and let them drive to Abbey Road."
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