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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fairport Convention, Pocklington Arts Centre, May 8

FAIRPORT Convention will welcome the return of long-serving member Dave Pegg on bass guitar when the veteran Oxfordshire folk-rock pioneers head out on tour in May and June.
Earlier in the year, his son Matt had to stand in when Pegg senior injured his left hand badly in a kitchen accident.
York Press: Fairport Convention"In January, I severed a tendon in the first finger while I was emptying the dishwasher,” says Dave, who will play Pocklington Arts Centre on May 8.
“The irony is I'd just spent two days chain-sawing firewood without incident. My hand was in a splint for six weeks so I couldn't play bass or mandolin on Fairport's winter tour.
“Luckily, Matt is a bass player too – like father, like son – and he was available to deputise for me. Now I'm raring to get back on the road and really looking forward to playing with the band again."
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