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Atkins May Project: Anthology - Classic Rock Revisted Review

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Atkins May Project – Anthology   
Gonzo Multimedia
Rating: B
Al Atkins has made a career of being the founding member and original vocalist for British Metal icons Judas Priest.  Al did more than warm up the spot for Rob Halford, though, as he helped write some classic early Priest including "Never Satisfied" and "Victim of Changes."  While he is no Metal God, Atkins is still into the music wholeheartedly, as he has proved over the past few years with his band the Atkins May Project.  The band has released three albums on Gonzo Multimedia and now, for the first time, the best of all of them are found on one collection, titled Anthology
Al snarls it out with the best of them while his counterpoint, Christian guitar player Paul May, if truth be told, steals the show.  May is a talented player, and it is with his six-stringed instrument that he adds the layers of light and darkness onto the music.  In the world today, guitar godz are a dime-a-dozen, but when they add the impact of feeling into their music, and not just wank around displaying their technical prowess, that’s what takes it to another level.  May takes it to another level. 
The best of the bunch are the songs "Serpents Kiss," " Valley of Shadows" and the powerful "Empire of Destruction."  The bonus track at the end of the album is pretty cool, though.  Atkins and May twist the Phil Collins classic "In the Air Tonight" and make it an ethereal Metal eerie mess.  Phil outdoes Al in the vocal department (sorry Al) but May, once again, adds the flair to the tune making it work, just get to the end of this song and you'll see what I mean!  It's not heavy and in your face, rather it is dark, foreboding and tricky.  Pretty cool stuff, Paul!  Al's got a good thing in Mr. May!
This is not a band that is necessarily doing anything original, yet, as this compilation proves, their efforts are based in honestly and come across genuine... which in this day and age is rare! 
Paul May sums up Anthology by stating, “It was quite a task to choose which songs would make it onto this compilation as there's such a diversity in the styles of tracks, but I hope this reflects the wider view of the rock and metal we love doing.” 
Atkins chimes in, “The reviews from the first three albums were great and said it all, so it was difficult to select the songs for the album, but I think you'll agree that we made the right choices, and Anthology, for me, ticks all the right boxes!”

Here Comes The Rain
Bitter Waters
A World At War
Dream Maker
Whisper To The Wind
Harder They Fall
The Shallowing
Enslaved To Love
Theatre Of Fools
Valley Of Shadows
In the Air Tonight (unreleased bonus track)
By Jeb Wright
CD - £9.99

Empire of Destruction
CD/DVD - £9.99

Valley of Shadows/The Serpents Kiss
2CD - £9.99

Valley of Shadows
CD - £9.99

The Serpents Kiss
CD - £9.99

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