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Mick Abrahams - German Review (translated)

Mick Abrahams / Revived!

Showtimes: 64:29 CD, DVD 36:30 
Medium: CD / DVD 
Label: Gonzo Multimedia 2015 
Style: Blues
Review from 21.06.2015 Holger Ott

A group of seasoned rock musicians meet privately as a high school reunion, jamming while around a bit and come out a CD with beautiful classics. Initiator of this meeting is Mick Abrahams . His name will not be familiar to everyone, but if you to Jethro Tull mentioned, it could ring when so many a. Exactly, Mr. Abrahams was a founding member of the band and has been immortalized on the first LP. Shortly thereafter, he left Tull and was Martin Barre replaced. So it's natural that Barre is also invited to the meeting. Next to him, there are still other sizes a, like Bill Wyman , Bernie Marsden and Paul Jones. This illustrious company has now under the leadership of Abraham on the CD "Revived!"immortalized. In seventeen songs they querbeet plays by their day and takes this to memories like "Poison Ivy," "Red River Rock" or "On The Road Again". As the musicians change the songs and original compositions by Abraham complement, the listener can pursue long over an hour.

As a little 'extra' is accompanied by a DVD. On it is a speech of Abraham seen and images that have been recorded in the rehearsal room during rehearsals. This thirty-minute session is particularly worth seeing, as the musicians feel completely undisturbed and sometimes may be 'human'.

The music on the CD is as might be expected, very blue heavy and also very easy to knit. One might almost think that musicians have remained at their former level and have not evolved. So sound tracks like "Summer Day", "What About Us" and "I'm A Hog For You" in typical 60s sound. For nostalgics an absolute feast for the ears, a bit strange for lovers of more modern sounds.

"Dragonfly" and "North By Northwest" are entirely dominated by the main protagonists. Both pieces are without vocals and performs just with acoustic guitar. It might seem a bit boring, if you compare these two with the rapid Chuck Berry -Klassiker "Nadine", were it not for these grandiose guitar passages. Small excursions in the Country area, see also take such approaches to be printed full skirt, as the title "Summer Day", strengthened to wind down with a Hammond, is repeated.

On the whole, has Mick Abrahams delivered with his friends a beautiful piece of music. "Revived!" is managed from start to finish. Of course, the fun factor is our top priority and here come true wisdom that the 'old' still best can. Too bad that all the participating musicians have reached an age at which one might suspect that a continuation is questionable, let alone that they will go on tour with it, but you should never say never.

Mick Abrahams (vocals) 
Beverley Skeete (vocals) 
Don Andrews (vocals) 
Patrick Walshe (vocals) 
Peter Aldridge (vocals) 
Martin Barre (guitar) 
Bernie Marsden (guitar) 
Elliott Randall (guitar) 
Geoff Whitehorn (guitar) 
Emily Gardner (guitar) 
Terry Taylor (guitar) 
, Bill Wyman (bass) 
John Gordon (bass) 
Jim Rodford (bass) 
George Murayni (keyboards) 
Josh Phillips (Hammond organ) 
Mark Feltham (harmonica, vocals) 
Paul Jones (harmonica, vocals) 
Frank Mead (saxophone, squeezebox) 
Nick Payne (saxophone) 
Graham Walker (drums)

01: Summer Day 
02: What About Us 
03: Elz. & Abys Jam 
04: On The Road Again 
05: Nadine 
06: Remember 
07: I Can Tell 
08: I'm A Hog For You 
09: Bright Lights, Big City 
10: Dragonfly 
11: Boney Maroney 
12: Goodnight Irene 
13: Poison Ivy 
14: Red River Rock 
15: North By Northwest 
16: Hungry For Love 
17: Summer Day With Hammond

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