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Monday, 15 June 2015

Karnataka: Polish Review


Karnataka - Secrets Of Angels

The team of Karnataka is very well known małoleksykonowym audience. In the annual summaries for the best album of their albums often they occupy a place in the top ten, to name but a "Delicate Flame Of Desire" in 2003 (7th position) and "The Gathering Light" from 2010 (5th position). Such high positions occupied testify to the great musical content of their subsequent albums, their talent composer and ingenious instrumentation, giving the listener a lot of nice moments spent with their music.

The latest release, which was released in March, is the fifth studio album of the group and is titled "Secrets Of Angels". Since the release of the last album in Karnataka undergone considerable personnel changes. The most important change took place behind the microphone. The band sings now Hayley Griffiths. How it will be reflected in its wording and whether the team will repeat the success of previous album - time will tell. Track starts the album is "Road To Cairo", which a little disappointing.Apparently it is melodic, dynamic, with Far Eastern sound, but so far I am not convinced him. While listening to another recording Fri. "Because Of You" greatly improves my mood. Instrumental parts, strings and guitar sound sharper and spirited vocals emphasize its progressive - symphonic character. Well, it comes to the catchy chorus. It's a song with a lot of potential assertiveness. The third composition entitled "Poison Ivy" is characterized by gothic - rock, also not without assertiveness and jam metal sound, and elements of choral singing increase our positive impressions. Great atmosphere and sublime sound themes are continued in the works of "Forbidden Dreams," "Borderline" (beautiful guitar solo at the end) and "Fairytale Lies" (romantic, almost operatic vocals and beautiful sounds of the harp in the background). We can also recommend and carefully listen to him is the song "Feels Like Home". That's how they played here their parties individual musicians inspires awe and admiration. Great piece! The closer the final plate, the more artists accentuate your compositional finesse, giving the listener a wealth of harmony fully reflecting and developing their capabilities. At the end of the album we cover, over a 20-minute seven-suite, full of grand, epic elation and changes of pace, and what goes with it is inextricably linked, also phenomenal mood. Such a design approach wording of Karnataka almost to the rock opera. Suite includes many poignant and heartfelt instrumental party, not just the orchestra and traditional (ethnic), but also vocal, providing the listener a great experience. This extensive and varied composition so carefully musicians from Karnataka make it despite the very promising beginning of the disc, you should make it to the end and be so pleasantly surprised him. One thing was certain: if it were to be that of the entire disc only one recording would have to defend themselves, it's only worth it for him to have this album.

After further questioning of this material more and more recordings to convince me that reworked the band, whose current composition is as follows: Hayley Griffiths (vocals), Ian Jones (bass guitar, keyboards, programming, vocals), Enrico Pinna (guitar, vocals), Cagri Tozluoglu (keyboards, programming) and Jimmy Pallagrosi (drums). When recording "Secret Of Angels" Karnataka additionally helped by the following musicians: Troy Donockley (bagpipes, whistles), Sean Davey (harp), Rachel van der Tang (cello), Clive Howard (viola) and Lynn Cook (violin).

Album was recorded at Real World Studios in Wiltshire, including Quadra Studios in London. It is a manufacturer of Karnataka.There are versions of the CD, CD-DVD (Special Digipack Edition), Deluxe Vinyl Edition and the digital version. The album was released by Immrama Records.


Secrets of Angels
CD - £9.99

The Gathering Light
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Delicate Flame Of Desire
CD - £9.99

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