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Karnataka: Japanese review (translated)

KARNATAKA / Secrets of Angels

2015, UK
I look at the reviews KARNATAKA / Secrets of Angels AMAZON
Irish dance direction of activities and parallel Hayley Griffith was Newest in 2012 (Vo) of KARNATAKA will be the first studio album of to Fichua 5th album Secrets of Angels.
And ushered in the solemn strings, it seems KARNATAKA plus a motif of exotic Arabian scale in a symphonic # 1.
Piano and string section, smell of Gothic to the bridge part is tense drifting # 2.
And arranged a majestic intro and layer choir and strings in Goshikaru, and get a sense of open in melody there cooling sensation even while lint in rust and # 3.
The reversal from a quiet opening, to increase the Gothic color from part to heavy backing from entering # 4.
Backing of neat string was shown comparing the verse and a catchy rust to add color # 5.
Ballard # 6 Hayley Griffith part you sing in the midrange to emotion plenty to exert the power of expression.
Graceful Symphonic number positive mood is full of # 7.
20 minutes than to and from the grand symphonic part was also sprinkled Troy Donokkuri trad style Celtic part and strings that Fichua the Uilleann pipes of # 8. Epic tune to listen to the dramatic in development that mixes the mysterious collaboration part and regulation of the harp and scat.
Here the number of work is KARNATAKA the singer to substitute for each work. Music also changes each time, greatly introduced this time Liv Christine (LEAVES 'EYES, ex.THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) whether inspired by the Angelic voices of Hayley Griffith reminiscent of, the manners of Gothic Metal.
Originally singing of Hayley Griffith there presence and compatible high Gothic taste of the symphonic sound is has brought the effect of widening the width of KARNATAKA sound.

Track List

1. Road To Cairo
2. Because Of You
3. Poison Ivy
4. Forbidden Dreams
5. Borderline
6. Fairytale Lies
7. Feels Like Home
8. Secrets Of Angels
Secrets of Angels
CD - £9.99

The Gathering Light
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Delicate Flame Of Desire
CD - £9.99

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