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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Mick Abrahams Revived - Belgian review translated

“Revived ‘Blodwyn Pig’ and former ‘Jethro Tull’ man gathers host of musicians for upcoming solo album“

Timothy Michael "Mick" Abrahams (° 1943) is a British guitarist, best known as the original guitarist of "Jethro Tull" and bandleader best known of band "Blodwyn Pig" and "Screaming Lord Sutch." In 1968 took over "Jethro Tull" Abraham, the album "This Was" on, but after a conflict over the following musical path between Abrahams (chose a blues / rock direction) and Ian Anderson (chose a folk / jazz direction) Abraham left after finishing the recordings "Jethro Tull". Abraham was briefly succeeded by guitarist Tony Iommi (who chose "Black Sabbath") and then (until the end of "Jethro Tull" in 2011) by Martin Barre. Abrahams founded following the blues rock band "Blodwyn Pig" on it, with whom he (outside radio sessions and bootlegs) took two studio albums: "Ahead Rings Out" (1969) and "Getting To This" (1970). Abraham then played in the rock band "Screaming Lord Sutch" (1965/1966) and in his own "Mick Abrahams Band" (first called "Mick Abraham's Pig or Wommet"). Both solo and with the re-summoned "Blodwyn Pig" band he then takes more albums ..

To make it extra difficult for "Tull" fans, Abraham began in the late 90s with the "" This Was "band. He received the first members of the band together. Anderson could live with this, because they both hear each other's albums and be all together again acted as "Jethro Tull". In 2009 Abraham survived a heart attack and in 2010 he had to deal with Meniere's disease, which he had to give up his guitar for a long time and could not occur. From 2014, Abrahams was working on a new solo album, released in 2015.

The result is the album "Revived!", Which translates as "Resurrected" might mean. Call it the seventy-year-old Mick Abraham and a host of guests. Ao worked with it: Martin Barre - guitar ("the successor to Abraham in" Jethro Tull "), Paul Jones - vocals, Elliott Randall - guitar (" Steely Dan "), Jim Rodford - bas (" The Kinks ") Bernie Marsden - guitar ("White Snake") and Bill Wyman - bass ("The Rolling Stones") ... What says a lot about his current "market value". "Revived!" Has become a CD / DVD combination (as a combination only through 'Gonzo Multimedia' available), where the CD contains seventeen songs, including several original songs and an instrumental intro Mick on the bonus DVD, a portion of the recordings of the sessions on day 2 studios (including "On The Road Again") and outtakes, which should be completed by Mick. 

The album is a pretty nostalgic album. Besides Mick Abrahams (guitar, vocals) are on the tracks of the "fixed" rhythm section consisting of John Gordon (bass) and Graham Walker (drums), supported by guitarist Elliot Randall; also heard many guests. If you go through the lineup, you see that there will be about 5 singers, 7 guitarists, two bass players, two harmonica players, two keys players, two saxophone players, 1 mellotron and 1 squeezebox (or 22 musicians added to this list) . 

"Revived" is like a tribute album, Mick Abrahams deserves. The songs he wrote (or co-written by Elliot Randall) opener "Summer Day" , "Elz. Abys & Jam " , the slow blues "Remember" , "Dragonfly" an instrumental that he does with his son Alex on guitar, "North By Northwest" and "Summer Day With Hammond" mostly songs with a bluesy substructure or numbers in a another version. These are complemented by covers of the soul / R & B group "The Coasters" aka Lieber & Stoller ( "What About Us" , "I'm A Hog For You" and "Poison Ivy" , both songs sung by Beverley Skeete and Bill Wyman on bass), from blues man Jimmy Reed ( "Bright Lights, Big City" with harmonica player Paul Jones), the boogie band "Canned Heat" aka Floyd Jones & Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson ( "On The Road Again" ), Chuck Berry ( "Nadine" ) and Larry Williams 'Boney Moronie " ; to the rockers to remember here. We finish line with two very well known traditionals. The beautiful country song by Leadbelly "Goodnight Irene" Abrahams has reached the slide guitar out of the closet and soloot Paul Jones fantastic harmonica and the rocker "Red River Rock" Frank Mead has an old squeezebox box [a collective term for accordion-like instruments / ed], removed the dust.

Mick Abrahams collected on "Revived", as he himself once wanted to play his favorite songs. He was not alone. Well-known and lesser known artist friends helped him with this, because when people over seventy, you can sometimes use some help! Abraham is still an excellent guitarist, with the mindset that the old blues guys always graced ... 

Abrahams says: “There are some lovely old songs which I’ve just taken with no rhyme or reason other than the fact that I like them and have always wanted to play them.”

Eric Schuurmans

Album tracks: 1”Summer Day” [Abrahams] - 2”What About Us” [Lieber / Stoller] - 3”Elz. & Abys Jam”[Abrahams / Randall] - 4”On The Road Again” [Jones / Wilson] - 5”Nadine” [Berry] - 6”Remember”[Abrahams] - 7”I Can Tell” [Kidd / Robinson] - 8”I’m A Hog For You” [Lieber / Stoller] - 9”Bright Lights, Big City” [Reed] - 10”Dragonfly” [A. Abrahams] - 11”Boney Moronie” [Williams] - 12”Goodnight Irene” [Trad. Arr. Abrahams] - 13”Poison Ivy” [Lieber / Stoller] - 14”Red River Rock” [Trad.] - 15”North By Northwest”[Randall / Abrahams] - 16”Hunger For Love” [Mills / Gordon] - 17”Summer Day With Hammond”[Abrahams] – All songs written by as noted]


Mick Abrahams: guitar (1,3-4,6-8,10-11,13-17), vocals (2,6,9,12), Light House Impressions (4), slide (12)

Vocals : Peter Eldridge (1,11,16-17), Patrick Walshe (2,4), Mark Feltham (7), Paul Jones (9), Beverley Skeete (8,13)

Guitar : Elliot Randall (2-4,15), Bernie Marsden (6,9), Martin Barre (7), Terry Taylor (8,13), Alex Abrahams (10), Geoff Whitehorn (11,14,16), Emily Gardner (16)

Bass : John Gordon (1-7,11-12,14,16-17), Bill Wyman (8,13), Jim Rodford (9)

Drums : Graham Walker (1-9,11-14,16-17)

Harmonica : Mark Feltham (4,7), Paul Jones (6,9,12)

Keys : Chris Gore (3), George Muranyi (13-14)

Hammond: Josh Phillips (17)

Sax : Nick Payn, tenor (2,11,13-14), Frank Mead (11,14)

Mellotrone: Freshwater Figgins (11)

Squeezebox: Frank Mead (14)

& “Brass Section” (Andy Hamilton, Matt Winch, Nick Pentelow, the RAF motorcycling team & some people from our local pub): (3)

& “Barbarian Shop Choir” (Don Andrews, Peter Eldridge & Patrick Walshe): (2,12)

Mick Abrahams Band:

1971 : “ A Musical Evening With Mick Abrahams”

1972 : “At Last”

1997 : “Live In Madrid”

2008 : “Amongst Vikings”Solo:1975 : “Have Fun Learning The Guitar With Mick Abrahams”1991 : “All Said And Done”1996 : “Mick's Back”1996 : “One”2000 : “Novox” - instrumental2000 : “The Very Best Of ABY”- compilation2001 : “Music To The Play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'”2002 : “The Best Of ABY Vol.2” - compilation2002 : “How Many Times” with Sharon Watson2003 : “Can't Stop Now”2005 : “Back With The Blues Again”2005 : “Leaving Home Blues”2008 : “65... The Music”2013 : “Hoochie Coochie Man” - Lost studio album2015 : ”Revived!” - CD/DVD

CD - £9.99

See My Way
CD - £9.99

The Best of ABY Vol 2
CD - £9.99

Leaving Home Blues/This Is!
3CD - £9.99

Live in Forli
CD - £9.99

All Said and Done
CD - £9.99

Mick's Back/Novox
2CD - £9.99

Mick's Back
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Leaving Home Blues
2CD - £11.99

Mick Abrahams Revived
CD/DVD - £9.99
This Is!
CD - £9.99
Amongst Vikings - Live
2CD - £11.99

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