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Friday, 12 June 2015

Karnataka : Polish review


Karnataka - 2015 - Secrets of Angels

1. Road To Cairo
2. Because Of You
3. Pioson Ivy
4. Forbidden Dreams
5. Borderline
6. Fairytale Lies
7. Feels Like Home
8. The Secret Of Angels Year: 2015 Publisher: Immramahttp://karnataka.org.uk/

Five years had to wait for the new album Karnataka. Listening content must admit that absenteeism is most justified."Secret Of Angels" is an album wypieszczonym, refined in detail, arranged with a flourish. Full of melody in the guitar frame that make a very good album .... pop rock. It seems that the new recordings as a starting point adopted the work signed with the name of Within Temptation, however, pinning known patch would be too simplistic, so in turn. The team, a new vocalist Hayley Griffiths, a girl blessed with an extraordinary voice with considerable opportunities. He can admire the delicacy, then surprise operatic heights, but always skillfully sell emotions hidden in the lyrics. Classical often sneaks through individual tracks, giving some songs of the sublime, for which the guitar tend to be a counterweight marches. "Smyk" sometimes sound familiar as in the "Forbidden Dreams" where the bow from the waist Led Zeppelin and their "Kashmirowi. A total of unusually melodic chorus absolutely deserves to hit on radio play lists.Such compositions are more. For example, sung with the right dose of drama "Fairytale Lies" or sweeping "Poison Ivy".A strong feature of Karnataka team is skillful use of musical traditions. Widely understood folk very often we meet here. Take the beginning of the record or "Road To Cairo" where in accordance with Title will meet with the appropriate dose of Orientalism, then compared the end or song of "The Secret Of Angels". At this point the band remembers progressive pedigree composition lasts for more than twenty minutes, and although it does not deviate from leading pop-rock thought. Rather, it is the quintessence of everything that we met earlier. Celtic folk starts with an introduction to through touching, sometimes operatic vocals Griffiths, blown by an adapted orchestration, go to guitar rock verve.Somewhere in the meantime, seasoned with a game neo progressive keys under the sign of early Marillion. Yes rushes to the expected final. Because everything, even what is good has an end. Another determines the uniqueness of the publishing house. Artwork that is taken by the team leader Ian Jones. Great cover is not everything, inside you will find excellent photos that are illustrations for individual songs. The whole makes quite an impression. Karnataka and "The Secret Of Angels"? I'm on like this. 8/10 Witold Żogała


Secrets of Angels
CD - £9.99

The Gathering Light
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Delicate Flame Of Desire
CD - £9.99

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