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Mick Abrahams Revived: Belgian review

Mick Abrahams: Revived!


Summer Day
What About Us?
Elz. Abys & Jam
On The Road Again
I Can Tell
I'm A Hog For You
Bright Lights, Big City
Boney Moronie
Goodnight Irene
Poison Ivy
Red River Rock
North By Northwest
Hungry For Love
Summer Day With Hammond
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Mick Abrahams
This man actually propose again a insult to real music lovers.
Mick Abrahams was at an early stage of his turbulent life as a guitarist with two British bands that have made history: Jethro Tull and Blodwyn Pig. After these escapades even as he led his own band so the Mick Abrahams band he made two long players: "A Musical Evening With Mick Abrahams' (1971) and" At Last "(1972). Afterwards he started a successful solocarriére which still some nice albums arose: "Mick's Back" (1996), "One" (1996), "See My Way" (2000), 'Back With The Blues "(2005) and an array of other similar long players.
With 'Revived' he departs somewhat from its bluesy pattern and now presents us with a muziekpaletje a mix of cool covers and some of his own compositions. Lick your fingers just wondering when I say that he previously received support from surely some sympathetic colleagues. Bill Wyman as she walked to warm along with John 'Guinness' Gordon (Roger Water's Bleeding Heart band), Jim Rodford (Kinks) grope the bass strings. As guitarists service appeared none other than Martin Barre (Jethro Tull), Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), Elliott Randall (Steely Dan), Geoff Whitehorn (Family, The Short List), Terry Taylor (Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings) and Emily Gardner while on the keyboards nevertheless also some cool musicians back found, viz. Murayni George and Josh Phillips. As a drummer Mick could count on the tricks of Graham Walker at that time for Gary Moore's Midnight Blues Band operated the drums. If additional vocalists gave Paul Jones (Blues band Manfred Mann), Beverly Skeete (Bill Wyman) and others backing voices only too happy to their services. Frank Mead (Procol Harum) and Nick Payn of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings provided the additional brass.
In listing all these impressive names I was dizzy but that was just the same when I listened to the music on the disc.
Mick: "I think I have this' Revived!" May have made the strongest album of my whole career ... "And he has not lied to.
'On The Road Again' by Canned Heat and "Nadine" Mr. Berry were already two songs that convinced us 100% and the volume knob did run a bit higher. With 'Remember', a private Abrahams bluesy song, we get Paul Jones on the mug slider and he still does in a quirky, professional manner. In I'm A Hog For You ', as borrowed from the duo Lieber / Stoller like' What About You, "Mick now let Beverly Skeete pay for the vocals. She is still an underrated but great vocalist. "Bright Lights, Big City" by Jimmy Reed is here all the honor done and whether the original here more visible would come ... I have my doubts. A brilliant Bernie Marsden provides the right guitar outings while Paul Jones and Mick themselves sing the song.
That there is still talent lies in the Abrahams family is made clear here with the instrumental 'Dragonfly' which was responsible for his son Alex. They both play the guitar here. The swing goes with 'Boney Moronie' by Larry Williams, Nick Payne and Frank Mead provide the summer saxklanken.
The accompanying DVD, we get an introduction to Mick, pictures of the studio sessions of day 2 and outtro 'Mick's Goodbye's'.
Can not get enough of this gem, buy this disc than immediately. This is again, and I relapse again in a repetitive cliché, the best proof that the oldies are still (and I suspect forever) have an edge in today's music makers and this without offending them.

Alfons Maes (5)
Another excellent album made by musicians with an long term career. Whether this is about well-known covers or material or Abraham himself, Their music simply sounds perfect. Another proof that music made by older musicians -and superbe- sounds better than Those of the contemporary ones ... and this without offending them. An insurmountable cliché.

CD - £9.99

See My Way
CD - £9.99

The Best of ABY Vol 2
CD - £9.99

Leaving Home Blues/This Is!
3CD - £9.99

Live in Forli
CD - £9.99

All Said and Done
CD - £9.99

Mick's Back/Novox
2CD - £9.99

Mick's Back
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Leaving Home Blues
2CD - £11.99

Mick Abrahams Revived
CD/DVD - £9.99
This Is!
CD - £9.99
Amongst Vikings - Live
2CD - £11.99

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