Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Steve Hillage on Gong, Steinbergers and disappearing guitars

Steve Hillage on Gong Steinbergers and disappearing guitarsThe psychedelic guitar maestro tells us tales of unlistenable vinyl, an invisible guitar and why his teenage self had it sorted as he fields the 10 questions we ask everyone...

What was your first guitar and when did you get it?

"My first guitar was a six-string Spanish guitar and I got it when I was nine. It would have been around 1960 and the first song I learned to play on it would probably have been a Lonnie Donegan song like My Old Man's A Dustman.
"But my dad bought me the Strat on the front cover of Motivation Radio because I went to a public school - the City Of London School - and I did quite well on my O Levels and I won a scholarship, which meant that my father didn't have to pay fees any more and he bought me that guitar. We found it through Exchange & Mart or Melody Maker - one or the other, I don't know.
"I did a gig on acid and my guitar disappeared while I was playing it. It was rather unpleasant"
"It was originally white, but I tired of the whiteness and so I scraped it all off and varnished it and my dad helped me a bit. That was the main guitar I used with Gong, but I also had a Les Paul that I used a lot and an SG; they were the three guitars, really. I'd say I probably used the Strat around 50 per cent, Les Paul around 30 per cent and 20 per cent SG."
Live at the Rainbow 1977
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Live in England 1979
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