Thursday 20 November 2014

ATKINS MAY PROJECT: Belgium review translated
'Empire Of Destruction "of the Atkins May Project is the third album from this duo. Both previous albums ('Serpents Kiss' and 'Valley Of Shadows') were well received by press and public, and I suspect the same will happen with this latest piece. Even introduce myself for those who have missed the first two albums. Vocalist Al Atkins was in fact one of the founders of Judas Priest, he along with KK Downing, Ian Hill, and John Ellis founded the band in 1970, guitarist Paul May is the man responsible for all the guitar and writes the songs. Ten songs classic hard rock or heavy metal get presented here including eight from the pen of Paul May came. The songs are all pretty vesting and are quite sturdy charged. The highly melodic guitar playing of Paul is actually the main attraction, as the voice of Al to "on" seems to be quietly. His raw broken voice seems much of its power to have lost, resulting here in the fact that you can understand. Singing some pieces not or almost notAnd this genre is quite sad to call it. Besides the eight tracks written by Paul, you get here are their version of Thin Lizzy's 'Are You Ready'. The driven 'End Of The Earth' was then again by Rodney Mathhews written for a video that will be released later. Rodney Mathhews is perhaps better known as an illustrator of covers. He was responsible for many cases of Magnum and the albums from the Atkins May Project he supplied covers. Besides the band you'll hear in this last song vocalist Sarah Prothero with her ​​angelic vocals creates a huge contrast with the broken voice of Al. So pity of those moments where the voice of Al grid / not not move otherwise by grade was my still marginally higher. This does not mean that I have really enjoyed this album at other times.Especially the firm and smooth 'Midas Touch' and the infectious grooving 'Paranoia' could count on my approval. That there is also a DVD has been added to this album with five videos and some additional interviews with both Paul and Al and Rodney will ensure that music fans might be next to this 'Empire Of Destruction' to add. Their shopping float inclined Luc Ghyselen (3 ½)


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