Wednesday 19 November 2014

Hugh Hopper: Vol 2 German review translated

Hugh Hopper / Frangloband

Playing time: 70:32 
Format: CD 
Label: Gonzo Multimedia, 2014 
Style: Fusion, Jazz
Review on 10/23/2014 Joachim 'Joe' Brookes

"Frangloband" is the second part of Hugh Hopper -Anthologie from Gonzo Multimedia. The present plate documents a concert at the Paris Le Triton from 13.03.2003. The Franglo band (or FrangloBand) was one of the projects of the Soft Machine / Soft Machine Legacy -Bassisten Hugh Hopper . Almost all the songs played here are from the pen of the protagonist. "Mr. Syms" was written by John Coltrane written.
The FrangloBand there were from 1999 to 2005, but "Actually Played only six gigs in as many years." So the accompanying writer Aymeric Leroy . One should mention at this point that the booklet compared with Memories is down considerably narrower. The double-page spread in the inner part is covered with said, informative text and on the back there is a photo montage with all the musicians involved.
The concert begins with "Facelift" and after a sensual soprano saxophone beginning brings Hugh Hopper 's driven by the fuzz bass used. The nearly thirteen minutes of play are a huge-compelling mixture of prog jazz and fusion. 
The tasteful, sometimes furious solos from saxophone or the outstanding guitarist Patrice Meyer are remarkable. Needless to say, is not given here for the entire season gas. Spherical-floating phases accompany the solo activities and already during the first track we become aware with what great musicians you have to do it here.
If the opener shone with progressive jazz, then the following "Lonely Sky And The Sea" probably more traditional jazz modern style. Wonderfully structured melodies mingle with it alone, in which the French guitarist turns to even the blues in a flash. This piece is largely the playground of Patrice Meyer .Incredible Fretboard rides are typical of his style presented here. But also in this piece can bring gentle tones to sound the six string wizard.
Prior guitarist for "Lonely Sky And The Sea" in the foreground, it is in the fusion number "Sliding Dogs" definitely Hugh Hopper . What he creates on his instrument, are sound-cascades which a psychedelic base to Pierre-Olivier Govins give extravagant saxophone antics on the woodwind. 
This kind of music needs space and even the piece last mentioned, with its nearly seven minutes real masterpiece.
The song "Shuffle Demons' experiences on this album almost a remake, because it was already included in the tracklist of" Memories ". What is now preferred version, each listener must decide for themselves. From my perspective, the race goes to the first place a draw, because both issues have their musical charm. The very groovy finale is just great and distributed in the piece Twin sounds are great. 
, not only because Didier Malherbe (among other things Gong ) is at "Miniluv" of the party, you can call this number as something special, special . The Tablas of Francois Verly and Didier Malherbebamboo flute give a Far Eastern accent that dominated the first few minutes and runs in a playful transformation like a red thread through the piece. It is really brilliant, as you can but incorporate different themes in the song.
John Coltrane's "Mr. Syms" devoted Hugh Hopper , according to Aymeric Leroy's text, Pip Pyle (National Health , Hatfield And The North ) and the number is a successful interlude of a song that is not by Hugh Hopper was composed. 
Concert presents, among other pieces on his time with Soft Machine or isotopes go back.
The first two editions of the ten-part Hugh Hopper -Werkschau are extremely entertaining and important. What kind of genre, the artist has also served, there is always something special to listen to him and his multitude of accompanying musicians.
Patrice Meyer (guitar), 
Pierre-Olivier Govin (saxophones), 
Hugh Hopper (bass), 
Francois Verly (drums, tablas) Special Guest: Didier Malherbe (bamboo flute, soprano saxophone - # 7) 

01: Facelift (12:48) 
02: Lonely Sky And The Sea (13:06) 
03: Mr. Syms (8:31) 
04: Sliding Dogs (6:45) 
05: Shuffle Demons (8:35) 
06: Wanglo Saxon (10:17) 
07: Miniluv (10:31) (all songs by Hugh Hopper except, # 3 by John Coltrane)


Volume Four: Four by Four by Hu
CD - £9.99

Volume 2 Franglo Band
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Monster Band
CD - £9.99

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