Saturday 29 November 2014

PLAYLIST: Strange Fruit #97

16-11-14 – SHOW 97

Terry Reid:               May Fly
Bible Party:              Bulimia Rhapsody
Jim O’Rourke:         Pictures of Adolf Again
The Seeds:                Pushin’ too Hard
Knickerbockers:       Lies
Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band:       A Fifth of Beethoven
Noel Harrison:         Just Like a Woman
Lemon Kittens:        Shakin’ all Over – From New Wave Covers for Oldies Lovers
Sounds of the San Francisco Adult Book Store:              Sounds of the San Francisco Adult Book Store
Timothy Leary:        LSD
The Bee Gees: Barker of the UFO
Chocolate Watchband: Sweet Young Thing
Max Frost and the Troopers: The Shape of Things to Come
The Gentle People: The Soundtrack of Life
Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Pot Party Pot Party
Zoogz Rift: The Island of Living Puke
Laibach: Across the Universe
Joah Valley: Let it Be
Ram Das: Meditation 5
It’s a Beautiful Day: Imagine
The Zachery Thaks: Bad Girl
The Sonics: Pscyho
The Swinging Medallions: A Double Shot (of my Baby’s Love)
Christian Marclay: John Cage (from the album More Encores)
Scatman Crothers: Transfusion
Neil Cowley Trio: Revolution #9
Sarabeth Tucec Goodnight

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