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Binky Womack "Womack Style" Belgium review translated

WOMACK, Binky - Womack Style
/ Published on 10-02-2017 /
The Womack family is far from unknown in the world of black-American music, because it contains the legend Bobby Womack . Emblematic figure of soul and R & B, this singer / guitarist / composer realizes his first single in 1954 to leave us in 2014. Binky Womack the nephew of the legend is musician / producer in the R & B, another complete artist Since he accumulates many functions within the world of music (singer / composer, musician, producer, mixer ...). So he perpetuates the family legend with here, an album that covers his style through a collection of songs that evolve between groove, soul, rock'n'roll, blues or jazz.

We start with a piece close to Wilson Pickett , combining the groove of the soul and the melodic side of the rock via the guitar. It follows a soul ballade made for the ladies, impregnated with R & B of course since it remains the style of predilection of the family. Everything remains rather melodic with a continuity in soul music, sometimes close to Sam Cooke . Then it is a bluesy guitar then a piece of jazz, which covers the sonorous horizon of the artist. A style that sometimes reminds Seal through singing and funky hints, but let's take the time to listen to the guitar on "Me And My Guitar" autobiographical song about the musician youth.

Comes the moment of the appearance of a certain Snoop Dogg , which brings us back to the groove and the R & B on two compositions. Then, moving from an old Bobby Womack standard that made Aretha Franklin glory to pieces more oriented towards rock'n'roll or blues, we finish our journey through a part of the musical life of this Artist recognized in the States. Offset of course of our usual scope, this album nevertheless allows to discover other styles through a careful work breathing the professionalism. You have to make the step ...

Womack Style


CD - £9.99

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