Sunday, 26 March 2017


From Burbank, CA comes the latest release from singer/songwriter/producer Binky Womack, nephew of the legendary Bobby Womack. Binky's new album titled "Womack Style" was released through the U.K. label, Gonzo Multimedia. His new twelve-song release begins with the bright, up-tempo soul/pop beats of "Sunday Morning."Binky gets his R&B groove moving on "Just Enough," then pays tribute to the great Sam Cooke with the smooth vocals of "Nobody Loves Me Like You." Snoop Dogg lends a hand with the background vocals of "Love Addict" as Binky finds the perfect setting for his funky R&B style. Then he steps out into a new light with the up-tempo rock number "When You're Wrong," before reworking John Mayer's "Gravity" into a great soulful blues number. He finishes up with a modernized version of the classic Bobby Womack tune "I'm In Love" and then plugs in for the electrifying rock of "Put Something Down On It" as Binky showcases his skills on the guitar. To find out more about Binky Womack and his latest release "Womack Style," please visit

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